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Clinton Warns China on Iran Sanctions

China/Japan | YP - Sat, 01/30/2016 - 05:00

The secretary of state told China on Friday that it would face diplomatic isolation if it did not fall in line.

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Bits Blog: Intel Betting on (Customized) Commodity Chips for Cloud Computing

New York Times Tech - 9 hours 3 min ago

Next year, half of the chips Intel sells to cloud businesses will be custom. The company is used to selling tens of millions of the same thing, but outfits like Google and Facebook need special features, and pay for them.

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Apple in 2014: iPhone 6, iCloud hack, Beats and more (pictures)

Cnet Web 2.0 - 10 hours 2 min ago

Here is a look at the tech giant's many highs -- and a handful of lows -- over the past year.

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Consumers not sold on Apple Watch without more details, analyst says

Cnet Web 2.0 - 10 hours 16 min ago

Only 7 percent of iPhone buyers polled by analyst Gene Munster intend to buy Apple's upcoming smartwatch, down from 8 percent in September.

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How Apple got its polish back in 2014

Cnet Web 2.0 - 10 hours 27 min ago

The tech giant bounced back from a less-than-impressive 2013, introducing the blockbuster iPhone 6 and making its biggest-ever acquisition.

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Licensing Issues Hobble Uber in Taiwan and China

New York Times Tech - 10 hours 35 min ago

The new inquiries add to a string of official complaints aimed at the fast-growing American ride-sharing service.

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Google wants auto industry help for self-driving cars

Cnet Web 2.0 - 10 hours 51 min ago

The tech giant is going full throttle with the project, but could do with the expertise of car manufacturers.

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Who's really taking you for an Uber ride?

Cnet Web 2.0 - 11 hours 47 min ago

After an Uber driver allegedly rapes a woman in Boston, the ride-sharing service's background checks come under scrutiny.

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Face iPads and chicken phones: When mobile gadgets go cuckoo

Cnet Web 2.0 - 11 hours 47 min ago

If there's an iPad on your face, a communicator on your chest and a giant drumstick on your ear, then you must be exploring the wacky world of unusual mobile gadgets.

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10 mobile gadgets gone gonzo (pictures)

Cnet Web 2.0 - 11 hours 47 min ago

Forget boring rectangular smartphones and staid wearables. What you really need is a fried-chicken phone case and a "Star Trek"-style communicator on your chest.

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China condemns cyberattacks, but says no proof North Korea hacked Sony

G&M Tech - 12 hours 14 min ago

North Korea has denied it was to blame and has vowed to hit back against any U.S. retaliation, threatening the White House and the Pentagon

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China 'is against cyber attacks'

BBC Technology - 16 hours 20 min ago

China is "against all forms of cyber attacks", its foreign minister says in a conversation with John Kerry about the Sony hacking controversy.

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Bo Xilai's luxury French villa for sale at $8m

China Daily - 16 hours 31 min ago

A file picture of the villa in Cannes, France owned by former Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai.[Photo/CFP]

A lavish villa owned by former Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai has been put up for sale for more than 6.95 million euros ($8.5 million), the Global Times newspaper reported on Monday.

Bo, a former Chinese Politburo member, was sentenced to life in prison last year after being convicted on charges of bribery, corruption and abuse of power.

The villa in Cannes was purchased by Xu Ming, a businessman with close ties to Bo, on behalf of Bo's wife, Gu Kailai, in 2001, according to court records at the time.

China has vowed to go after corrupt officials'ill-gotten gains hidden overseas in a campaign dubbed the "fox hunt". The country has sought cooperation from Western governments in catching those it terms economic fugitives.

Olivier Pedro-Jose, deputy spokesman for the French Justice Ministry, said earlier this month that France is willing to assist China to repatriate suspects of corruption living in the country but declined to comment on the handling of the villa owned by Bo, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.

It is unclear who put it up for sale or whether the Chinese government has made any progress in its effort to seize the property.

An official at the French Ministry of Justice told the Global Times that the evidence of the ownership of the villa has to be made clear before it is ready for confiscation, but the official said that would take a long investigation and cooperation between the two countries.

Bo Xilai, then-Chongqing Party chief, attends the closing ceremony of the annual session of the country's top political advisory body in March 2012, one of his last public appearances. ZOU HONG / CHINA DAILY

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Many disabled spend leisure time alone

China Daily - 16 hours 31 min ago

An assistant tool technician collects data to fabricate an artificial limb for Hu Zhangfu, who lost his left leg 31 years ago and got his last poor-quality artificial limb five years ago. [File photo/cn-bsy.com]

TIANJIN - Nearly 40 percent of young Chinese with disabilities spend most of their leisure time "being alone with a blank mind," a report said, suggesting a lack of entertainment options among China's disabled population.

The report issued by China Youth & Children Research Center said the majority of young Chinese with disabilities found themselves confined to home in their spare time, a result of their physical difficulties, economic plight and insufficient facilities.

The report surveyed disabled Chinese between the ages of 7 and 35, collecting 4,536 questionnaires from six provinces.

Watching films and TV at home topped their entertainment options, chosen by 64.9 percent of respondents as their main leisure activity, followed by "being idle alone with a blank mind" (38.9 percent), surfing the Internet (20.6 percent) and listening to radio (16.3 percent).

Another 12.9 percent of respondents said they go to parks, while other outside activities such as traveling and visiting museums reported "extremely low participation," according to the report.

Apart from their physical limitations, the report said disabled people's poor economic circumstances and a lack of available facilities also made it difficult for them to join sightseeing and museum tours.

The report said disabled young people should be encouraged to leave home to have a social life, and their current low participation in outside activities will negatively affect their integration into society.

China has about 85 million disabled people, accounting for nearly 6.3 percent of the total population.

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China to send first infantry battalion for UN peacekeeping

China Daily - 16 hours 31 min ago

China's first infantry battalion to South Sudan is set for departure, marking the country's first infantry to participate in a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

A rally was held Monday in the city of Laiyang in east China's Shandong Province. The dispatch was approved by the Central Military Commission and its Chairman Xi Jinping.

Previous Chinese peacekeepers were mainly engineering, transportation, medical service and security guard corps. The 700-strong infantry battalion includes 121 officers and 579 soldiers. Forty-three members have participated in peacekeeping missions before.

An infantry squad composed of 13 female soldiers will participate in a peacekeeping mission for the first time.

The first batch of 180 will fly to South Sudan next January, with the rest traveling via air and sea next March.

As the largest contributor of peacekeepers among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, China has deployed more than 27,000 military personnel around the globe as of September 2014, according to the Ministry of National Defense.

A total of 2,027 Chinese peacekeepers are currently posted in conflict zones.

Soldiers attend the ceremony. The battalion will be deployed in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and assume the task of protecting civilians, UN and humanitarian staff, and will conduct patrolling and security missions. [Photo/Weibo account of PLA Daily]

Soldiers attend the ceremony. The battalion will be equipped with drones, armored infantry carriers, antitank missiles, mortars, light self-defense weapons, bulletproof uniforms and helmets, among other weapons for self-defense purpose. [Photo/Weibo account of PLA Daily]

Soldiers attend the ceremony. [Photo/Weibo account of PLA Daily]

Female soldiers attend the ceremony marking the departure of a battalion of Chinese peacekeepers to South Sudan at a military base in Jinan, East China's Shandong province, Dec 22, 2014. [Photo by Zhao Ruixue/chinadaily.com.cn]

A female soldier swears during a ceremony. This will be China's first female infantry squad to be sent abroad for international peace-keeping missions. [Photo/ Weibo account of PLA Daily]

Female soldiers attend the ceremony. They will join the mission of patrolling and humanitarian operations with male soldiers, mainly in charge of tasks related to local women. [Photo by Zhao Ruixue/chinadaily.com.cn]


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Ice not blocking canal water: water diversion authorities

China Daily - 16 hours 31 min ago

The canal runs through a city in Central China's Henan province.[Photo/Xinhua]

The South-North Water Diversion Project authority refuted the rumor that water from the South will not flow to Beijing as scheduled because it has frozen, reported Beijing Times on Sunday.

As climate varies along the canal, which stretches 1,432 kilometers from the south to the north, the section north of Anyang in Central China's Henan province may freeze in the winter, according to the authority.

It is estimated that the rate of flow of the canal drops by 40 percent due to ice at the surface, but this does not affect the flow of water under the surface.

To deal with the threat posed by ice, de-icing equipment and measures were used to remove ice in a timely manner so as not to impede the flow.

Water released from Danjiangkou Reservoir on the Yangtze River ten days ago is scheduled to arrive in Beijing on Dec 27 after traversing the three provinces of Hubei, Henan, and Hebei, said an insider from the authority.  

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Surgeons taking selfies backfire

China Daily - 16 hours 31 min ago

Doctors take group selfies next to a patient inside an operating room in Xi'an Fengcheng Hospital on Aug 15, 2014. [Photo/Sina Weibo]

After a set of surgeons' selfies taken next to a patient undergoing surgery in a Xi'an hospital went viral online and stirred heated debate, the health bureau of the city announced on Sunday that three officials of the hospital have been removed from their posts.

The three are deputy president of the hospital, the dean and the nurse head of its anesthesiology department. The executive president and all the medical workers in the photos have been given a demerit in their record, an administrative punishment in China.

According to the bureau, the photos were taken on Aug 15 in an operating room that was going to be disbanded and the medical workers of Xi'an Fengcheng Hospital, a private hospital, took the photos to keep the memory of the room alive.

The selfies were posted on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, on Saturday by a user who claimed to be a friend of one of the doctors. The photos show the doctors smiling and posing in front of an unconscious patient lying on the operating table.

"What are you medical workers doing during the operation? No wonder there are so many medical disputes with the patients," the user said in his post with the photos.

Though he deleted the post later, the photos were already circulating on social media and soon became one of the hot topics during the weekend.

As of 2 pm on Monday, the photos had been viewed 9.9 million times and had generated more than 12,000 comments.

Some Weibo users were furious at the doctors' behaviors, blaming them for not being professional.

"What's wrong is wrong. Whether the photos were taken before or after the surgery, the patient hadn't woken up and the doctors were already celebrating, ignoring the patient's privacy," commented user "Youma".

Another user "Lin'an chuyu" said: "Where are the professional ethics of these medical workers?"

At the same time, some users, including many insiders, expressed their understanding.

"Baiyishanmao", a user identified as a surgeon by Sina, said after successfully finishing a challenging operation, the doctors would be happier than the patient and it was fine to take photos by the side of the operating table.

His comment got more than 10,000 likes during the weekend and many users expressed the same thoughts and supported the doctors.

Although he did point out that it was inappropriate that some medical workers were not wearing their gauze masks and that the patient was visible in the photos.

"It is understandable if they were celebrating the success of the operation. It's just like we take photos of the happy moments," said Weibo user "Lu-Y".

"Sekajiang" said: "If you have never performed an operation, you will never feel the nervousness and delight of the doctors."

Still, some think it would be more acceptable if they waited until the patient was removed from the operating room.

After Xi'an health bureau announced the punishment, new wave of comments began appearing on the Internet, with some supporting the decision and the rest considering it too harsh.

When an operation is taking place, cell phone signals are restricted and photos taken inside the room can only be used for internal communication with the patient's face hidden, Xi'an Evening News quoted Ma Kangxiao, a section chief of the Ninth Hospital of Xi'an, as saying.

Doctor-patient disputes have long been a social issue in China, with series of incidents emerging in recent years. Some disputes have even led to violent attacks on doctors.

Doctors take group selfies next to a patient inside an operating room in Xi'an Fengcheng Hospital on Aug 15, 2014. [Photo/Sina Weibo]


Doctors take group selfies next to a patient inside an operating room in Xi'an Fengcheng Hospital on Aug 15, 2014. [Photo/Sina Weibo]

Doctors take group selfies next to a patient inside an operating room in Xi'an Fengcheng Hospital on Aug 15, 2014. [Photo/Sina Weibo]

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Runners welcome winter solstice in underwear

China Daily - 16 hours 31 min ago

Braving the chill, runners in their underwear take part in a 5-km competition to welcome the winter solstice festival, which fell on Dec 22, in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality on Dec 21, 2014. The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year in northern hemisphere. About 300 participants, with some of whom drawing colorful pictures and characters on their bodies, participated in the event. [Photo/IC]

Two participants show their twin colored drawings with two Chinese characters Jiyou, or gay friend, on their bellies in Chongqing municipality on Dec 21, 2014. [Photo/IC]

Participants do warm-up exercise before the race in Chongqing Municipality on Dec 21, 2014. [Photo/IC]

Some female participants pose for a group photo at the event in Chongqing Municipality on Dec 21, 2014. [Photo/IC]

Participants in their underwear do warm-up exercises under the guidance of a coach before the race in Chongqing Municipality on Dec 21, 2014. [Photo/IC]

Participants take off at the starting line in Chongqing Municipality on Dec 21, 2014. [Photo/IC]

A man in a red skirt and a hat patterned like the national flag takes part in the event in Chongqing Municipality on Dec 21, 2014. [Photo/IC]

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China mulls new law to regulate overseas NGOs

China Daily - 16 hours 31 min ago

Xu Yulu, a teacher at the Disabled Person's Rehabilitation Center in Beijing, interacts with a mentally disabled man. China is working with NGOs to educate disabled youngsters and their parents to provide a better understanding of the relationship between sexuality and their physical and mental conditions. Wang Jing / China Daily

BEIJING - A new bill to regulate overseas nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) was tabled for its first reading on Monday.

The bill on NGOs based outside the Chinese mainland was submitted to the bi-monthly session of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, which runs Monday to Sunday.

Overseas NGOs will have to register with and be approved by Chinese authorities if they want to set up representative offices in the mainland or temporarily operate on the mainland for a certain program, said Yang Huanning, vice minister of public security, while elaborating the bill to lawmakers.

The bill aims to regulate the activities of overseas NGOs in China, protect their legal rights and interests, and promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreigners, Yang said.

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China mulls better protection of minors from ads

China Daily - 16 hours 31 min ago

BEIJING - China's top legislature on Monday began reviewing a draft amendment to the 20-year-old Advertisement Law that will better protect minors from advertisements.

The draft amendment was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) for a second reading during its bimonthly session, which runs from Monday to Sunday.

"(Advertisements) should not include content to induce minors to ask their parents to buy products or services and should not include content that may cause minors to imitate unsafe behaviors, " said the draft amendment.

It also stipulated that minors under the age of 10 should not be chosen as advertising endorsers.

Additionally, it prohibits advertising in high schools, primary schools and kindergartens as well as direct or indirect ads on education-related materials, such as textbooks, stationery, school uniforms and school buses.

The draft amendment also introduces stricter bans on tobacco ads. Instead of enumerating specific public venues where tobacco ads would be banned, the new edition directly lists "public venues, the vicinity of hospitals and schools, and public transport facilities."

It also bans outdoor and display window tobacco ads.

"Advertisements for other products or services and public service ads should not include the brand, trademark, packaging, design and similar contents of tobacco products," it said.

An Jian, Vice Director of the NPC Law Committee, said that according to the provisions, all forms of tobacco ads will be banned except for those posted and displayed in tobacco product shops and sent by tobacco producers internally to tobacco product shops.

It stipulates that "adverts for drugs, health food, medical equipment and medical services should not use pharmaceutical research organizations, academic institutions, medical institutions, industry associations, experts, patients or other endorsers to recommend or testify about the effects of the products."

Monday's edition of the bill also bans the use of the army flag, army emblem and army song in advertisements, in addition to the national flag, national emblem and national song.

The draft amendment now covers online advertising, stipulating that it should abide by the provisions of the law.

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