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A Friendly Welcome to all people with the name DonTai

Here is a Shoutout to all the people in the world with the name "Don Tai". This little guy contacted me through his nana's email and naturally I had to make friends with him. It is funny how the internet can make the world a much smaller place. Knowing more people in the world has got to make the world a better place.

Drupal 6 Workflow Module: Documentation

I've been doing workflow applications going on a decade now using Domino Notes. It is very sophisticated and secure but administratively very heavy. I was intrigued with Drupal's Workflow module. Though the module is at first confusing, it seems to work quite well.

CoComment Slows down and then kills Firefox

After much testing I've found that CoComment is the culprit. For quite a while now after I've used my Firefox web browser for 3-4 hours, my browser slows down to the point of not working. I then kill it. Even though I have set a maximum cache, Firefox then goes on to exceed this cache by about 50%, slowing down my system until it finally annoys me enough to kill it.

Did Social Computing Magazine go Bankrupt?

My news aggregator has been trying for the last 8 days to connect with Social Computing Magazine. While they are no International Herald Tribune or Time, they did publish many interesting articles on the social computing scene. Searches about them yield nothing amiss, but their site is dead.

They have vanished from Google, vanished forever?

New Drupal Modules: Nodes In Block

No, I have not been slacking off the last few days. Busy working on technical issues, I've not been able to blog.

Website Update: reCAPTCHA and OpenID installed

With not a little experimentation I finally got CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA to work on CAPTCHA presents a test that humans can pass but spambots cannot. reCAPTCHA builds on CAPTCHA and rpesents the commenter with 2 words, which must be typed in. They are great to prevent spam.

OpenID is another way to login. You set an account up, then add an OpenID to your account. Login to your OpenID authenticator, then login to, type in your authenticator, and then you're approved. No more duplicate ID and password.

Ryanair Insults Customer on his Blog

One of the benfits of social media is to open communications channels with your customers. When they have issues with your company, you can reply back. It is true that customers may discuss sensitive issues, and this requires a company to cease with the command and control attitude and go with a more cooperative one. Honesty is always appreciated.

The Tank Man 6-4

Mark Roswell aka Da Shan

Best Friends Forever: Canada and China