Counterfeit Canadian $2 Coin from China

China is without a doubt the fake manufacturer of the world. They can counterfeit almost anything. Here in Canada the newest item I’ve found is the Canadian $2 coin, commonly called a toonie.

Look for the right paw of the polar bear, where the toes splay out like a camel.

Fake counterfeit Canadian $2 coin, or toonie, Made in China. Look at the splayed right toe of the polar bear, or camel toe

Fake counterfeit Canadian $2 coin, or toonie, Made in China. Look at the splayed right toe of the polar bear, or camel toe

Real Canadian $2 coin, or toonie

Real Canadian $2 coin, or toonie

Please be aware and examine all toonies you receive. It looks like these are common now.

Google is Pro-Communist Party Chinese, denies Free speech

It’s been well known that Youtubers who post anything against the Communist Party of China CCP will have their videos demonetized, thus denying them the ability to make a living.Youtube is owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

I am not sure why Google would do the bidding of the CCP, as Google services are banned in China and cannot therefore make a profit. Perhaps Chinese advertisers pay Google for ads around the world, but just not in China, where they are banned.

Michael Pettis: The China Economic Model

Michael Pettis, professor Beijing University

1930s Germany and Soviet Union,
China uses the Gerschenkron’s model
The model postulates that the more backward an economy is at the outset of economic development, the more likely certain conditions are to occur: Special institutions, including banks or the state, will be necessary to properly channel physical capital and human capital to industries. Gerschenkron’s model

Election Machine Vote Tabulation, Dominion Voting Imagecast Precinct: 2022 Review, Ontario Election

Ontario Provincial Election 2022 Jun2 02 used the Dominion Voting Imagecast Precinct tabulation machine. Photo by Don Tai

Ontario Provincial Election 2022 Jun2 02 used the Dominion Voting Imagecast Precinct tabulation machine. Photo by Don Tai

The world’s democracies hinge on elections being fair and above board. No party should be able to “steal an election”, with no vote rigging or other shenanigans. At the end of an election day, when election workers are most tired, the counting of votes is a critical final step to the final election result. The Dominion Voting Company’s Imagecast Precinct, or “tabulator” as we call it, is a vote counting machine that reads all votes throughout the election day. At the end of the election day the poll is closed and, “voila”, the election poll results are printed out on a grocery store sales slip-type of thermal printout.

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine and its Widespread Effects on the World

The Covid-19 pandemic slowed down the world economy by messing up supply chains, but the real kicker to the world was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the West’s response to it. Decisions by the West early in the invasion clearly helped Russia and decimated Ukraine, but no country and people will get off Scot-free. As oil and gas, and wheat prices skyrocket, coupled with supply chain problems with China, the world will soon welcome a global recession.

Fake DMCA Copyright Infringement Notices

I’m getting these fake DMCA infringement notices asking me to download some random file. Two are from a US accounting firm and one is from Netsuite. They stink to high heaven of scam. Do not click and download their link. It is probably a virus of some kind. Going through some of my websites as comments is new, but the methods are old.

I’ll probably add more as they come in. So far from:,,, netsuite, xero

From: Kenneth
Subject: *.ca Dmca Copyright Infringement Notice 2022 May 24

Message Body:

CoVid-19 in Ontario: The Sixth Wave Grows but no Government Action

Conflicted, I am, to hear the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) Dr. Moore talk about the expected exponential growth of the Omicron variant BA.2, his recommendation to wear masks in public, but to not proactively re-implement Ontario’s mask mandate. it sounds like he’s talking from both sides of his mouth and it makes no sense. For a guy that is quite logically minded, it really looks like something is amiss.

The Corrupting Power of Excess

You would think that once you have attained sufficient resources to satisfy a specific need that, once satisfied, you would then redirect excess resources to a different need. For example if you needed a healthy snack and wanted to eat an apple, once you ate an apple or two you would be satiated and stop. Instead you would then look to your other needs, if you were still hungry, such as a sandwich, to balance out your meal. It would be illogical to simply keep searching for and buying various different apples for the sake of variety and interest. In my simple view that is not what I see in the world.

Purposeful Forgetfulness: CoVid-19 Numbers Climb but No Ontario Government Policy Changes

Sometimes you see old people purposely forget things, or purposely do what they are advised not to do. They know what they are doing, but use any excuse to not do it. I understand. They have the right to make decisions for their own life. As CoVid-19 indicators climb here in Toronto and Ontario, I see a purposeful forgetfulness permeating the ether. Government is looking the other way as the indicators worsen.

When indicators were receding the Ontario government was keep to use this as evidence, to bolster its direction to loosen all CoVid-19 mandates. An election is within 2 months, so there is impetus to not annoy voters. This does not protect public health.

A Marked Reset of the Human Condition, to a Much Lower Level

In an act of cowardes the West is allowing Ukrainians to die at the hands of Russia. There are protests and finger pointing by the West, and there are sanctions against Russia, but this has not stopped Putin’s punishment and killing of innocent Ukrainians. I had thought that such worldwide organizations such as the UN would be able to prevent such war atrocities, but this has not happened. It has been a long time since WW2, and we, as a species, seemed to have not learned very much.