This Year’s Crazy Summer Weather

The skies erupted in Toronto and tornadoes appeared just north of the city.

The skies erupted in Toronto and tornadoes appeared just north of the city.

I am proudly Canadian. Canadians really like to talk about the weather, and I am no exception, In fact, many Canadians are quite knowledgeable about weather in general and can read weather maps with aplomb. While we usually respect weather forecasters, I am finding that this year’s summer weather here in Toronto is really not very accurate. More pointedly displayed by today’s freak tornado warning, they are getting really off base. Get a grip, you weather people, forecast better.

My general rule for weather forecasts was a forecast within a day will be 100% accurate, within 2 days 75% accurate, within 4 days, 10% accurate, and more than 4 days, WAG (wild ass guess). Call me optimistic for the “within a day” forecast, I’m an optimistic person.

Today’s forecast here in Toronto, from Environment Canada yesterday, called for 70% chance of showers, chance of thunderstorms. In reality at 19:00 the skies turned blacker than I’d seen in recent history, and God spit out enough phlegm to give us all a cleansing bath, and to float a new lake or two. Thunder, lightning, rain, the whole kit and caboodle. I checked for our emergency flashlight and candles. On goes the TV to tell us about eyewitness accounts of live tornadoes in Newmarket, Markham, and Highway 7 not far north of our house. I did not doubt these accounts.

After the racket stopped, the skies turned a lovely shade of yellow. It was beautiful. Then dusk came and the sun receded into an afterglow of pink, before signing off for the day.

In summary I’d say that today’s weather forecast sucked deep and with force. Can’t they do better? Really, they did not see the possibility of a tornado in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)? I am losing confidence in our professional weather forecasters, and therefore Canadian culture.

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  1. David Ing

    We happened to have the television on as the storm approached, so DY was phoning people to get off the road and stay home! (Mobile phones are so 21st century!)

    I don’t blame weather forecasters much for less familiarity with tornadoes. We really don’t get them often in this region. I would suspect that same level of accuracy of precision for weathermen in tropical climates when it snows.

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