Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders: Solution

Canadian Bluejay enjoying my birdseed, without pesky squirrels

Canadian Bluejay enjoying my birdseed, without pesky squirrels

The internet is so awesome. Immature brown squirrels were using my bird feeder for gymnastics practice, spilling bird seed helter skelter and scaring the feathers off the local birds. This injustice was intolerable. I heard that vermin squirrels cannot climb down 1/16″ gauge wire strand. I bought some, attached it to my bird feeder, and today, I see vermin squirrels gazing forelonely up at my bird feeder, while the birds were having a feast.

The 1/16″ stainless steel wire strand is actually 7 wires twisted together, and has a breaking strength of 100 lb. This is surprising for the cost of $0.15CAD per foot from Rona. I bought 6 feet, along with a set of aluminum sleeves ($0.79CAD). You push the wire into the aluminum sleeve, make a loop on the end of the wire, and then use a crimping tool to crimp the sleeve down tight. I also soldered the end of the wires so they will never fray. For $1.69CAD it was an inexpensive, elegant and effective solution, just the type I love.

Vermin squirrels are pesky. They can also jump. You need to keep your bird feeder 5′ from any surface where the vermin squirrel can launch a kamikaze attack. Who would have thought? Still, I am thankful I have a capable crabapple tree.

Crows are the feathered bullies of our neighbourhood, scaring away the smaller ones. Still, they are birds, so I should not begrudge them. The larger ones cannot land because the bird feeder ledge is too narrow. Surprisingly the bluejays are very agile flyers and have no issues feeding. They are masterful flyers.

Birds are not polite eaters. They jab at their food and make a small mess. This mess allows bird feed to drop on the lawn below, which feeds the pigeons, small birds and squirrels. Still, I would rather the birds feed directly from the bird feeder because ferrule cats roam our neighbourhood, and will prey on the unsuspecting feathered friend. I get to clean up the mess, headless of course. It is interesting that when a crow dies of seemingly natural causes, the cats will not eat it. Perchance they too are afraid of cooties, aka bird flu? Or maybe the game of stalking is more interesting than actual meal?

It is the small victories of everyday life that keep you smiling. If only birds had lips we would be smiling together.

Big crow and smaller birds sharing some bird seed, sans vermin squirrels

Big crow and smaller birds sharing some bird seed, sans vermin squirrels

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