Canadian Tire Snowblower Belt Replacement

Three Five brand v-belt should fit my snowblower, and surprise, Canadian made!

Three Five brand v-belt should fit my snowblower, and surprise, Canadian made!

My Canadian Tire snowblower was getting tired, so late last winter I decided to see if I could spruce her up. The v-belt that connects the 2T engine to the auger was worn, but still connected and therefore workable. Today I tried to find a replacement v-belt. It turns out that my belt is 1/2″ x 35″ and found a machine v-belt replacement for $6.

My snowblower is a Canadian Tire model # 318-180-515, 3-21″ model. It’s good enough for my driveway and compact. The 2T is a bit of a hassle, but I’ve gotten used to adding oil to the gas and storing it in a 2T marked gas tank. The key is marked “Tecumseh Snow King”, pn 35062 Ignition Key, recently broke, but I have a second.

I first went to Princess Auto, but they did not have the correct size. Then at Canadian Tire I was directed to the seasonal and snowblower section, where I found the correct MTD v-belt for snowblowers, but cost $21. It was a nice belt, light brown and mesh covered. Hmmm, there’s got to be a way to genericize this purchase. V-belts are, unsurprisingly, shaped like a “V”, with the point ground down. Maybe a flat bottomed boat would be a better description.

Over to automotive I went, but they were out of 1/2″ x 35″ v-belts. He told me to try a machine v-belt, which are deeper than an automotive belt, and this is where I found my “Three-Five” branded model # “A-33/4L-350” v-belt, made in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada by S.W.R. Industries Ltd.. Now it’s pretty rare to find Canadian made products in Canadian stores, but I was happy I found it and glad to support a Canadian company. At $6CAD I can buy 3.5 of these instead of the 1 MTD v-belt.

Here’s to a great Canadian winter where I can use my newly spruced up snowblower.

Addendum Sept 2014

So my snow blower belt had cracked and left my snow blower invalid last winter. I cannot complain because the belt did last 4 years, though was not well used. I found that the track it runs on has a bolt sticking out that abrades the belt. This, I must fix before winter 2014 arrives.

My Canadian Tire no longer stocks the “Three-Five”, a shame, really. I hope they are still in business. I picked up an Innoda brand v-belt, model A33/4L350, 603760, 056-0835-2, imported by the Innoda Group, Toronto, ON, M1V 3Z5. It does not say where this belt was manufactured. Innoda’s office is a Markham Rd and Finch Ave E, in Toronto. Maybe we’ll never know the origins of my v-belt. There is an Innoda manufacturer based in Shanghai, that exports v-belts, so I suspect these were made in China. I bought it for $6.89CAD. In 5 years it went up $0.89CAD. That’s about 1.7% a year.

Addendum Mar 01 2016

The Innoda belt from CanTire somehow shredded itself into a useless ball of rubber, and the snowblower really was not used much. The brand is still available at CanTire for $7.99CAD, but I really did not want to rebuy the brand. It only lasted 2 years.

Innoda V-belt A33/4L350 shredded itself on my snowblower. One minute it was working and the next I heard a soft

Innoda V-belt A33/4L350 shredded itself on my snowblower. It lasted only 2 years of scarce use. The fiber threads were so wound onto one pulley that I had to cut and pull them off with pliers. I’ll try another brand. Photo by Don Tai.

Instead I went to Princess Auto, who had a Powerspan brand, made in Thailand. While it is marked A-33, the width, there is no marking of the length. The Princess Auto product code is 8065054, but their web site says it is an FHP (Common fractional horsepower) series 4L-350. I matched it up to the CanTire Innoda, which I will return, and they are the same length and width. The price was $4.59CAD, much cheaper than the Innoda. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I phoned SWR Industries in Mississauga, the maker of Three Five V-belts, and they told me that Home Hardware still carries their belts. I searched the Home Hardware site and yes, my A-33/4L350 v-belt, item #1424-355 is not only available, but at a competitive price of $6.99. I would have preferred to buy this belt rather than the Innova or the Powerspan. I now regret purchasing the Powerspan and wished I had found the Three-Five brand at Home Hardware.

8 thoughts on “Canadian Tire Snowblower Belt Replacement

  1. Pat Leonard

    The best kept secret in Canadian tire, some stores even have the special tool to measure the old belt next to the display in the hardware section. I save hundreds of dollars buying the three-five belts for al of my small engine needs,two snowblowers, 2 garden tractors and a rideone lawnmower, that is a lot of belts!

  2. dontai Post author

    Yesterday we got a 10 cm dumping of snow here in Toronto, Canada, so I fired up the snow blower for the first time for the season. The new Three-Five belt made such a huge difference. It was the first time I’ve seen the snow blower throw water! I sent SWR Industries an email to tell them I blogged about their v-belt, but they didn’t reply. They must have thought I was some nutcase.

  3. trevor

    I too have the exact same snow blower as yours 318 180 515 & I am having a problem when I changed the belt it is misaligned & wearing out for some reason in the middle.
    1)I would like to know if the washer for the tension wheel pulley is fitted from the outside.
    2) Do you have a copy of the manual
    3) I also do not know the ratio of oil to be mixed with gas & which is the best one to use
    I would appreciate your help

  4. dontai Post author

    Hi Trevor,
    I have not taken my snow blower belt off this year so do not remember anything about aligning the belt. I do not have a copy of the user manual. I have tried to find one on the internet but could not.

    The ratio of gas to oil mix is 32:1. I bought some Castrol 2 stroke snowmobile oil from Walfart, on sale. It is blue and works well. The blue dye helps to differentiate 2 stroke gas from regular gas.

  5. trevor

    Hi Dontai,
    Thank you very much for your reply At least now I know the correct ratio of gas to oil mix. I have also bought the new belt from S.W.R Industries. The place is 5 min from my house. Hope the snow blower works OK. I do think the internet is fantastic. It has bought 2 people together with the same snow blower & the same problem.
    Thanks once again

  6. kevin rone

    These belts are for furnace fans and will fail under heavy wet snow. There’s a reason they’re cheaper.

  7. dontai Post author

    My snow blower will not throw much heavy, wet snow anyway. The motor is too small for anything thicker than 3″. So far the belt has been great. Unfortunately I need to solve an electrical gremlin, but it’s too cold to break the machine apart, and I don’t want to do this in my house. The machine, as usual, started without issue this winter. I drain the gas and run it dry each spring.

  8. snowblower parts

    I have a snow blower equipments which i use for my own house to remove the snow.I used it from last winter only.But this winter i repair it to use but it has looked a problem.Its belt are not lasting.

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