Independent TTC Ticket Resellers Refuse to Sell Adult Tickets

Screwed up royally, sums up the TTC fair increase situation, where riders cannot buy tokens or tickets. The TTC issued short term adult fare tickets, good until January 2, 2009, available November 24, 2009 (yesterday). This is supposedly to eliminate hording of tokens. Tokens are no longer being sold. Unfortunately we also cannot find tickets to purchase anywhere, leaving us once again stuck.

I visited two TTC authorized resellers today and one was completely out of tokens as well as the new tickets. The other told me that because the tickets were so short term and expire on January 2, 2009, she would not carry them at all. She said it was too risky for her small business because there was no way to return tickets once purchased from the TTC. No return policy for TTC resellers? I can sympathize with resellers, but it does not help the typical rider one iota.

Again, we are running out of tokens. Tokens have stopped being sold. We also cannot buy adult tickets. Our solution will be to minimize the use of the TTC and drive the car.

The TTC is really badly managed. Its solutions may have good intentions, but its execution is so thoroughly flawed and inept. There’s got to be a better way. It just obviously is not the TTC.

Addendum: I went to a third TTC reseller and was able to buy tickets, but they limited tickets to a max of 20. So much for unlimited purchase, even though they will expire on Jan 2 2009. I’ll have to continue the search for tickets in two weeks.

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