3 thoughts on “My DotEasy Problems

  1. Gail

    Thanks for posting. I am in the process of reporting DotEasy to Canadian and US authorities because they are trying to charge me for services that they are not providing, without having at any time posted this as a policy.

    I will be saving your complaint.

    I wonder if there are enough people with the same complaint to form a class action suit against them.

  2. kamaranti

    Exact same experience here. See a couple of posts on my blog.
    I just moved away my last domain from Doteasy. Now I am looking into how to completely close all accounts. I have submitted requests but they are still there, although in a shorter version, along with my credit card info. Does a company with whom you close accounts, have a right to keep credit card info on file??? I want to be completely erased from their (rigid) system. I’ll join the efforts…

  3. Jeremy Lawson

    Doteasy refuses to release & transfer my domain unless I pay their “domain release fee.” I initiated a transfer well in advance of expiration, but they locked the domain & didn’t respond to my request for it to be unlocked until after it expired. Tech support has been useless so far. This company should be avoided at all costs.

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