Delissio Pizza Review: VERY Salty

Delissio Pizza: easy to bake but extremely salty. "If it's not delivery it's Delissio, Oh, D'salt!"

Delissio Pizza: easy to bake but extremely salty. "If it's not delivery it's Delissio, Oh, D'salt!"

If you know me, you know that we cook almost everything from scratch. This includes pizza. When Delissio pizza went on sale at a local big box grocer, 2 x 900g pizzas for $6CAD, I thought I would give their Deluxe a try. Overall impressions were that they are far inferior to home made pizza, but to my Little Weed an inferior pizza is better than no pizza at all. Of note was the fact that the pizza was so salty. I know salt is cheap, but if this pizza was so tasty why not let the ingredients speak for themselves?

Our home-made pizzas start out with store bought dough, which we let sit on the counter for 4 hrs in order to rise. From then on it is all home made: pepperoni, Polish sausage, green peppers, onions, pineapple, tomatoe paste, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, salt, pepper, garlic, all can be included. We form a congo line of ingredients. Set the oven at 425F and bake for 25 minutes. The results are excellent, and therefore out expectations of pizza are high.

Delissio Pizza Instructions: Easy to understand, even if you don't know English. Great usability, with understandable pictures.

Delissio Pizza Instructions: Easy to understand, even if you don't know English. Great usability, with understandable pictures.

In terms of convenience the Delissio pizza is super easy: It comes shrink wrapped in plastic. Cut the plastic open, slide out the cardboard bottom, shove it into a 325F oven, and 25 minutes later you’re good to go. Instructions on the box are clear, highlighted, and easy to find. Even if you do not know a speck of English, there are large helpful pictures to assist you. Usability of the instructions were exceptional. It would be difficult to mess up this pizza.

Delissio Pizza: How can the Little Weed resist this? Ornamental cheddar cheese added.

Delissio Pizza: How can the Little Weed resist this? Ornamental cheddar cheese added.

The proof is in the tasting, and this is where the pizza has trouble. To my Little Weed, any pizza is better than no pizza at all, and the Delissio got his seal of approval. Then again, when asked in comparison to our home-made pizza, he preferred eating our stuff. I admit that these results are not scientific, not statistically valid, and could be construed as biased, but I reaffirmed one salient fact: Kids will eat anything that resembles fast food, and actually enjoy it. This is why we are called adults and they have a whole lot more learning to do. Due to their total lack of quality control, we adults need to be doubly on guard for the good of the family.

Delissio Pizza: Objet d'art up close and personal

Delissio Pizza: Objet d'art up close and personal

No doubt that this Delissio round “objet d’art” is indeed an edible artifact more commonly called a pizza. In general the crust is thin and lacking in taste. The tomatoe paste is a tad excessive and the pizza is extremely salty. Eat enough and you’ll need to drink a lot of water, prompting you to visit the loo early into the next morning. Still, we did not get sick, and it did taste good, though not as good as home made. I rate this pizza a “B”.

The Little Weed can eat almost 1/2 the pizza, or 450g. The nutritional information on the package indicates that a slice (1/6 of the pizza, 155g) contains 970mg or 40% of the recommended daily intake of sodium. This means that the Little Weed will consume 2.82g of sodium, or 116% of the daily recommended daily intake of sodium for an adult by eating this meal alone. No wonder this pizza tastes so salty.

Recent studies have warned that Canadians are eating too much salt, most eaten in prepackaged foods.

…Canadians eat more salt than they need. Too much salt is linked to high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

Much of the salt we eat comes from processed food… source

This pizza is a prime example. I am sure that many people like salty foods, but we are not included. Less salt on the pizza and a salt packet for those that want more would be better for us.

As for Delissio Deluxe pizza, I think I will pass.

8 thoughts on “Delissio Pizza Review: VERY Salty

  1. Lori

    I tryed the sausage,bacon and pepperion pizza Delissio makes and I wasn’t impressed I got chunk’s of bacon fat they were really tough and gross and I am not impressed with the quality. I bought a Mcain pizza thin crust multi grain and it rocked!! I would buy it again in a heart beat. Delissio sucks!

  2. Don

    Tried the Bacon cheeseburger pizza and gagged. Tastes like a dog food hamburger smothered in cheap mustard. Never again will I buy a frozen pizza proclaiming to be as good as delivery.

  3. jpeck

    I just ate the thin crust canadian variety from Delissio and could only eat half of it. Honestly, the so called pepperoni is not pepperoni, it smells awful. I love meat but I had to remove all the mystery pepperoni to eat it. I have never done this before on any pizza. I would not recommend buying this pizza again, ever. I also woke up late in the night and had to down a tall glass of water. Again, something I never have to do. That gives you some idea of the salt content. Keep your kids away from this product.

  4. Peter

    I tried the Hawaiian pizza. I was not impressed. The ham was of poor quality, and had an odd taste to it. There is so much sodium in it that I could taste just salt in the entire pizza. It left a strong lingering odor throughout the house; even the next morning. I had to get up during the night for a drink of water. The sodium content is 42% of the daily recommended limit per 1/6 of the pizza, so eating half of the pizza gives 126% of your daily limit. It is very irresponsible of Delissio to pack so much sodium in a pizza. I would definitely never buy this pizza again.

  5. Donna

    Just had the Rising Crust Buffalo pizza from Delissio. Terrible! Only four or five little pieces of chicken, dry and tasteless. Never buy Delissio again; the quality of all the pizzas has really gone downhill.

    [Don: You mean it was better before? Surprising!]

  6. Judith

    Bought a Delissio Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza because it was on sale. NEVER AGAIN!! We tossed it out due to the salt and the cardboard meat. I’ve made my own pizza before and think I will go back to making it again. McCain is much better than Delissio, but still not homemade.

    [Don: Yes, on the commercial the pizza looks really good, but unfortunately you cannot taste the image. We have never bought it again, on the insistence of my Little Weed, who has decidedly low standards for food quality. As you, we now only make our own pizza, and are happy and healthy or it.]

  7. Daniel Branconnier

    I tried the Delissio Thin Crispy Crust Pizza today and it was so bad, I could barely eat 2 slices and downed lots of water to wash the taste out of my mouth. Tastes like delivery??? Maybe from a third world country.

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