Bicycling in Copenhagen looks Fantastic

Bicycling instead of driving a car is not only healthy but is great for the environment. Unfortunately here in North America, specifically in Toronto, Canada, bicycling is relegated to tree kissing environmentalists and kids. This is too bad for everyone. An excellent video by Clarence Eckerson, Jr. shows what is working in Copenhagen, and what could work here in North America.

I have lived in Beijing, China for a couple of years and the bike culture there is pretty safe. This has degraded somewhat now as more people become wealthier and can afford cars. It’s sad to see China go backward on bicycles, but such us progress in the People’s Republic of China.

Taking my son to his sports camp yesterday by bicycle we were waiting at the intersection of Birchmount and Huntingwood for the light to turn green. Once the light turned green I looked to see if the way was clear, when a grey Prius, on a red light, cut us off and made an illegal right turn. The driver made no attempt to stop at the red light and almost ran us over. This is so dangerous and happens all the time. Toronto is a car culture through and through.

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