A Doju Tale on Walkabout

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If you have not heard about a Doju, this is unsurprising. This small creature roams through China and Asia, aimlessly walking in no certain direction, and getting into trouble as he goes. The Doju walks at different speeds, contemplating life as he goes. Small and hairless, people and other animals, for some reason, do not bother it and certainly would not try to eat it. This is a good thing for the defencless Doju is actually quite tasty.

There is no real rush or sense of direction for the Doju. Really, life unfolds day after day, all with its own trials and tribulations. He puts one foot before the other, wags his head and tail asynchronously, looking around as the world glides by. Food and water are plentiful, so once the necessities of life are taken care of, the mind can wander, abstracting from reality to a dream world of make belief. Worries are banished from his little head, as they are beyond his control anyway, so there is little he can do to change the passage of time.

Did the chicken come before the egg? If one cannot hear a tree fall in a forest did it really fall? Can an evil eye really cause the receiver harm? All these and more can be debated by the Doju, for it is better to occupy the mind than to slothfully pass through the day sleeping, not that the Doju has anywhere specific to go, oh no.

A tree approaches, creeping up on Doju and getting larger with each step. It is a tree with white bark. Who would take the trouble to partially strip the bark off this lovely tree, leaving the bark still attached? This is most puzzling. Maybe it is an odd type of bird that likes the ripping nose of taking white bark off the tree, but gets alarmed when the bark actually falls off? Is there some use for this partially stripped bark? Perchance the bark is used in winter to make ice cream cones, as in winter it could certainly hold ice cream in cone form. That must be it, as the ice cream would be held upright by the bark. Someone is so clever, but who would want an ice cream cone in the middle of a large white tree? I cannot think of a soul who would do this.

Maybe it is the same being that put those holes in the middle of the tree? And why would someone want to dig holes in such a manner? Again the Doju did not have much of answer. The questions keep popping up in his head though. Do others ask themselves and busy themselves with so many issues? Issues they are, and only of Doju could answer them all the would would be a much more orderly place, I guarantee it.

And so the Doju walks on, observing as he goes. His discovery of self continues undetected by himself or others. He has been walking all his life and still has a long way to go.

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