The Price of Parenting and further Drivel

Someone jumped into the viewfinder without looking. Oh well. There's further learning required.

Someone jumped into the viewfinder without looking. Oh well. There's further learning required.

He goes to summer camp without a care in the world, smiling to the world. There’s no grumbling about the heat, that the mosquitoes are out, that there’s sand in his shoes. Eager to leave the house, he repeatedly asks me to get to camp early. I do not complain that it’s simply too early and the camp will not be open. His happiness is the fruits of our parenting skills, and we are glad it is working out for him. We would not have it any other way.

As single and a newly married couple kids were the furthest issue from out minds, as it is for the vast majority of couples. You have so much freedom and happiness to do whatever, meet whomever and go wherever you wish. The constraints of time, money and effort were the only limiting factors.

Kids change everything. It is an innate feature of animals to take care of their young, and humans are not exception. There’s a stage where you wonder if you, the parent, are training and nurturing your young, or that your young are training you to take care of them. The distinction may be blurry, but nevertheless there: In the former you are in control and in the latter you are not. Nurture or nature. While no one likes to be taken advantage of, who is there to blame?

Eventually the parent gets the hint that the kid and nature is in charge. We have a role to play and are preprogrammed to follow. There are highlights throughout a typical day that make the journey and effort worthwhile. You do overcome the really bad days that we all experience

Whatever the cost, we give it up for the kids. It’s not that we give the kids whatever they want, but they get whatever they need. Sometimes they do not understand, but in time they do get the message. This is part of their life education.

Personally, parents do give up a lot for their kids. If it was not for kids, many would be off to other countries, experiencing the vitality of travel and fun. Sacrifice for the future is our watchword. We can only hope that our sacrifice will be duly noted in the sub cortex of our progeny, such that the favour will be returned when we are frail and falling apart. Even if it is not I still feel I did my duty and ask for nothing in return.

As a parent you try your best to teach your kids. you do this for near two decades and beyond. After an indeterminate time the reigns of responsibility slowly shift from the parent to the child. When this shift occurs really depends on the child, but also on the parent. Some parents hang on for as long as they can, somewhat smothering their kids. Whether it retards their upbringing is in question, but no doubt that the kids knows he is loved. Maybe too much.

Letting go of kids, allowing them to venture into the big and bad world is a scary process. There are many nasty things that can happen in the world, from getting hit by a car to internet luring. With proper coaching and a slow release of responsibility, the process does occur. It must, no matter the opinion of the parents.

For better or for worse, parenting is certainly not a straight journey. What will happen down the road is as undetermined as the journey of the individual child. To all parents, through all the trials and tribulations, keep up the good work.

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