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      No Comments on Research, Ban is regular content scraper, but it did POST to me and left its IP address. I have been trying to track this one down for a while, but it uses such a wide variety of IP addresses that this is difficult. I could ban large ranges but this would also ban a wide swath of Vietnam, which I do not wish.

Observation: 2017-feb-27 2016-nov-03 2017-jan-14 2016-nov-22 2016-oct-31 2017-jan-18 2016-dec-27 2017-feb-20 2016-dec-26 2017-jan-30 2017-jan-23 2016-dec-18 2017-jan-22 2016-oct-21 2017-feb-08 2017-jan-09 2016-nov-21 2016-nov-25 2016-nov-03 2016-dec-23 host name actual, a vn search engine, who visits me, seems to use, suspiciously close to I’ll separate these two IPs and see if any spamming reoccurs.
There is also, which I cannot track down.

Few of the third octets are repeated, unfortunately, but certainly 123.30.175. is logical to ban. The host name is fake. If you look up the IP you will get, but do the corollary and there are an innumerable number of IPs that have this host name.

Research: also has a long list of random IPs.

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