Eclipse Oxygen Install on Ubuntu 16.04: Item add to ClassicMenu Indicator

On my Ubuntu 16.04 install I removed Eclipse Luna and reinstalled to Eclipse Oxygen, using the newer Eclipse Installer 2019-03 R. Unfortunately the installer did not add a menu item to my ClassicMenu Indicator or the Unity menu.

I can still use Files to navigate to the Eclipse install directory and click the Eclipse icon to start, so I know Eclipse does work.

I initially tried this fix but it did not put an icon on any menu. Further searching, 2 provided a solution. If you wish to edit the application menus you will need to install the “alacarte” program to do this. Alacarte will also not show up on your menu.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Java IDE
Exec=env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 {path to eclipse like /opt/eclipse/eclipse}
Icon=/home/{my computer name}/Programs/eclipse/icon.xpm

Save this file as “eclipse.desktop” in {my computer name}/.local/share/applications and reboot. An Eclipse icon should appear on your ClassicMenu Indicator menu with the usual blue globe Eclipse icon.

For me the installer installed to a /home/{my computer name}/java-oxygen/eclipse/ directory, so the Exec command was:

Exec=env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 /home/{my computer name}/java-oxygen/eclipse/eclipse

In alacarte the Eclipse command that was created was:

env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 /home/{my computer name}/java-oxygen/eclipse/eclipse

As with linux things, this took time and effort, was confusing, but I will recover and forget. These things initially look simple, but it takes multiple hours of searching and trying until something works.

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