A Brave Scientist Says that CoVid-19 Might be Pre-Adapted for Humans – Hell Breaks Loose

Very brave, Alina Chan is. She postulates a theory that CoVid-19 might be “pre-adapted” for humans, and then gets lambasted from the for and against sides by fellow scientists and others on the internet. I am surprised that scientists would judge her work so harshly, even though she just puts out the theory and is searching for proof

Caught in the Crossfire Over Covid’s Origins: Alina Chan suggested last year that the coronavirus was “pre-adapted” to humans. Critical reaction was swift and harsh.

Scientists, I thought, follow the science, but during this pandemic it showed me that scientists are just as human as everyone else, and will stick to their predetermined views and be closed minded. They are, simply human.

Dr. Chan has the right, and the obligation, to bring every possible relevant theory to light. She should not be castigated as such.

Another controversial issue: Droplet or aerosol spread
Ontario fought against treating COVID-19 as an airborne threat in hospitals — and won. With the fourth wave bearing down, was that the right move?

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