Are International Declarations of Human Rights really useful?

I don’t know as I’m not old enough, and so I’m asking. I’ve not been through a war before. All these international human rights agreements between countries really useful an enforceable? We are witnessing wanton destruction and killings of Russia bombing Ukraine, as well as the more opaque China destroying their indigenous Uighur population.

Russia bombs Ukraine, destroying cities, killing and injuring countless people. Russia is a member of the UN Security Council, as is China. Both are also part of the UN Human Rights Council, and have been the chair on numerous occasions. Why is Russia and China able to chair these UN councils when they so easily violate the very principals of their council?

Are international agreements such as the Geneva Convention of War applicable today? It seems that Russia so blatantly violates this convention that leaves me wondering if it was worth the paper it is written on. While this is happening, all the UN can do is shout louder and point fingers at Putin, yet not do much to prevent the human rights violations from happening. If steps were done to stop Russia, people would be more protected and human rights violations would be mitigated.

There is nothing the world can do to prevent this destruction? It seems the UN is worse than effective in its security council task, providing cover and distraction for both China and Russia. What is the purpose of the UN in preventing war?

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