Are Human Rights Atrocities Just Part of Human Nature?

I’m not old enough to know if human rights atrocities are common in today’s world. It seems like all the bombings in Russia and China’s destruction of their indigenous Uighur minority is well tolerated in the world. I have no experience in such matters, so I’m learning. This is what you get when you’ve not lived through a war.

I’ve heard of the Geneva convention during war, from watching too many war movies. Then I see them so blatantly violated during Russia’s bombings of Ukraine. Russia bombs civilian targets such as hospitals and schools. Civilians who were fleeing the war have been outright shot by Russian troops. Russia bombs cities to pulp, while the rest of the world grinds their teeth. Were these conventions only adhered to by past generations, but not applicable today? Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, as is China. Both Russia and China have been chairs of the UN Human Rights Council. Both flaunt human rights in the face of the rest of the world.

Are the UN security Council and the UN Human Rights Council really meant to uphold their namesake mandates? It seems like a total farce, so much smoke meant to confuse and obfuscate. Do these councils have even adhere to a small amount of moral conduct?

When you read about international laws that were enacted long ago, but are not not adhered to during war, what am I to think? Does the UN really deserve its reputation as all countries of the world coming together for a common good?

The West continues to allow the wanton destruction to happen in Ukraine, then starts to collect evidence of human rights atrocities, for a later court case against Russia. Instead of all this needless destruction in Ukraine, why don’t we simply stand up to Putin and stop the destruction in the first place?

Collecting evidence for a later trial is passive. You certainly would not allow one kid to pummel another kid, send him to hospital and then state “I have evidence that the first kid hurt the second kid”. That would be ridiculous.

Russia continues to bomb Ukraine. There is now a humanitarian crisis within the country as living conditions degrade. The Red Cross convoy of humanitarian aid cannot get through to Mariupol. It is clear that emergency measures are required. Yet the UN continues to flap gums, make declarations and spew hot air. Ukrainians need more than this.

Ukrainians need the shelling of their cities to stop. Their army will take care of the Russian invaders, but not when their cities are being bombed.

Human rights seems to be a concept that Western countries use to make themselves feel better, but not a concept to uphold on a species scale. We as a species seem quite ok with killing each other, just like many other animals on our world. it is clear that Ukrainians are expendable and not worth fighting for, and that’s really sad. The United Nations should represent all nations of the world, so why is Ukraine not worthwhile? The are people, are they not?

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