Environment Day at L’amoreaux Community Centre: Terrible Logistics, Waste of Resources

Some things get you so mad. I’m trying to do my part for recycling and attended the L’Amoreaux Community Centre “Environment Day” in the City of Toronto, 2024 July 06. Environment Day should be a day to celebrate not wasting resources, to be light on Mother Earth, to do your part and recycle. Today was so not like this. Here is my note to the local city councillor:

That was the worst planned environment day ever at L’Amoreaux Community Center today 2024 Jul 06. At 10:10am over 60 cars idling for 30 minutes before I could deposit my recyclables. The actual deposit of recyclables took less than 30 seconds.

What is the city doing to be so inefficient? The car queue snaked through the community centre parking lot, which was so long. It also clogged up the parking for those attending classes as the centre. The police would not allow cars to exit normally on McNicholl Ave? What? Meanwhile the actual recycling dropoff area was almost empty of cars. This was so bad.

Next time I’d rather not recycle because the logistics of idling my car for 30 minutes is just not worthwhile. Please do a better job of logistics than you did today, which was abysmal. The City did a very poor and pathetic job today.

I think it is better to not recycle rather than waste so much gas and time going to the Environment Day. The world doesn’t need such a waste fuel, resources and time. The City of Toronto often does a terrible job, and today proved it in spade.

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