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Cataract Surgery for a High Myopia Monovision Patient, Toronto, Canada: Log

I am a high myopia patient wearing glasses, in Toronto, Canada, and it was time for me to have cataract surgery. As a monovision user I’ve long had one eye focused on near reading and computer work, and the other eye focused on far distance. This strategy has worked out well for me, with no perceived loss of function. Here’s my cataract intraocular (IOL) surgery journey notes.

Cataract Surgery Lens IOL Options: Simple Explanation and Notes

When you age, your body gets older and parts begin to wear out. This cannot be disputed for eyes. Over time the eye become inflexible, it will be harder to read fine print, your lens will cloud over and will need to be replaced. This is called cataract surgery.

Exercise Handles for Weight Training Cable Machines and Resistance Bands: DIY

Commercial exercise handles for strength training cable machines or exercise bands are quite easy to make yourself.

Commercial exercise handles for strength training cable machines or exercise bands are quite easy to make yourself.

If you strength train using a cable machine, or use resistance bands, you will probably need exercise handles. These plastic and nylon webbing handle attachments clip to the cable with a carabiner, allowing you to more comfortably pull as well as allowing your wrist and arm to rotate in a more natural position. This rotation is much easier on your joints and greatly adds to your comfort. Conversely straight and rigid attachments such as a lat pulldown bar usually offer no flexibility of wrist angle, which is harder on your joints. A neutral grip for rowing is easier on the wrists, and therefore better for long-term use.

CoVid-19 in Ontario: The Sixth Wave Grows but no Government Action

Conflicted, I am, to hear the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) Dr. Moore talk about the expected exponential growth of the Omicron variant BA.2, his recommendation to wear masks in public, but to not proactively re-implement Ontario’s mask mandate. it sounds like he’s talking from both sides of his mouth and it makes no sense. For a guy that is quite logically minded, it really looks like something is amiss.

The Corrupting Power of Excess

You would think that once you have attained sufficient resources to satisfy a specific need that, once satisfied, you would then redirect excess resources to a different need. For example if you needed a healthy snack and wanted to eat an apple, once you ate an apple or two you would be satiated and stop. Instead you would then look to your other needs, if you were still hungry, such as a sandwich, to balance out your meal. It would be illogical to simply keep searching for and buying various different apples for the sake of variety and interest. In my simple view that is not what I see in the world.

Purposeful Forgetfulness: CoVid-19 Numbers Climb but No Ontario Government Policy Changes

Sometimes you see old people purposely forget things, or purposely do what they are advised not to do. They know what they are doing, but use any excuse to not do it. I understand. They have the right to make decisions for their own life. As CoVid-19 indicators climb here in Toronto and Ontario, I see a purposeful forgetfulness permeating the ether. Government is looking the other way as the indicators worsen.

When indicators were receding the Ontario government was keep to use this as evidence, to bolster its direction to loosen all CoVid-19 mandates. An election is within 2 months, so there is impetus to not annoy voters. This does not protect public health.

Pandemic Update: 2022 Feb, Pending Relaxations of Restrictions

The reduced local CoVid-19 Omicron transmissions here in Ontario and the Western world, has been a welcome sight for everyone. This has coincidentally merged with the frustration the Western world has experienced after living with the virus and pandemic for over two years. We all want to breath a sigh of relief and get back to a pre-pandemic life. We all wish to get back to living more normally. The restrictions must go and not return.

Fake KN95 Face Mask: MaynaLucy Footwear Company, Dongguan, China

Maynalucy Footwear Co Ltd, company address, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Houjie Town, Jinshun Heng Road #1, Room 101, KN95 face mask, right side

Maynalucy Footwear Co Ltd, company address, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Houjie Town, Jinshun Heng Road #1, Room 101, KN95 face mask, right side

My poor Mum bought some fake KN95 masks from a friend of a family member. The masks are physically small, meaning they probably have insufficient coverage. Chinese made, and completely fake. This is a waste of money and dangerous in that it might offer minimal protection against CoVid-19.

The package of 10 KN95 masks came in a bag with a zip-lock type closure. There is a single paper label inserted into the bag. The masks only have “KN95″ embossed on both sides, with no company logo or name, and no Chinese “GB” product certificate number. such as “GB2626-2019”

The Public Policy of Living with CoVid-19 in Ontario

The transition of public policy to “Living with CoVid-19” has been publicly announced. While it is coming, the implications are not yet known. What does “Living with CoVid-19” really mean? I am trying to figure this out, as there is scant honest information that I have gleaned from the news.

The Transition of CoVid-19 from Pandemic to Endemic

It has been over two years since CoVid-19 has blighted the earth. From Wuhan, China, it spanned out all over the earth, reproducing and growing, maiming and killing people. The race between CoVid-19 strains results in the winner finding ever better ways of infecting humans and animals. The other strains die off. Much has been done to blunt the sword of Covid-19, but now we are at a point where we’ve chosen to live with the virus instead of trying to eradicate it. CoVid-19 is formidable and is here to stay.