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Opening Schools and the Pandemic Highlights the Lack of Infrastructure Funding

Kids need to go back to school, this is not in doubt. When kids return to school their parents can return to work, thereby helping the family as well as the economy in general. Getting our lives back to normal is difficult during this 2020 CoVid-19 pandemic. This virus is highly contagious and unforgiving. The need to prepare for school openings puts mankind against the virus. With proper preparation we can safely open schools, but there is so much the West has not done in school buildings that makes school openings very dangerous. In Ontario masks are not even required below Grade 4.

UK, London, 161 Deptford High St: virtual travel

UK, London, 161 Deptford High St Deptford, London SE8 3NU, After School Center ASC, GPS: 51.479438,-0.026188, Plus Code: 9C3XFXHF+QG

UK, London,
161 Deptford High St
Deptford, London
SE8 3NU, After School Center ASC, GPS: 51.479438,-0.026188, Plus Code: 9C3XFXHF+QG

It looks like a working class neighbourhood, with some African and Viet stores and restaurants. Nothing out of the ordinary, and a nice enough neighbourhood. Clean.

161 Deptford High St
London, England, SE8 3NU
GPS: FXHF+QG London, United Kingdom
Plus Code: 9C3XFXHF+QG

I have never been to the UK, and with the pandemic on and the UK’s infection rate not good, I’ll not go anytime soon. Still, it looks like a nice enough place.

Sweden’s Herd Immunity Response to CoVid-19: Thoughts

For the CoVid-19 response, Dr Anders Tegnell, a Swedish epidemiologist, advised the Swedish government to remain open, and allow Swedes to auto-inoculate, what is called “herd immunity”. The resulting death toll would be much higher, but there would be more natural immunity in society. It was a bold step that countered the rest of the world, who locked down their societies.

Dr Tegnell is now saying that his response could have been better, with other politicians ready to criticize him. His response was a brave outlook in an experiment that has yet to end. Death rates aside, there is still as yet no vaccine.

Japan is Unique, and not like China

I have spent significant time in both Japan and China. When people say that China will progress just like Japan, I find it startling. The two cultures are not even remotely close to each other. This NYT article Testing Is Key to Beating Coronavirus, Right? Japan Has Other Ideas highlights some of the unique characteristics of Japan. While it does not specifically outline the differences between Japan and China, if you have lived in China and think about it, some Japanese traits are simply mind boggling.

Toronto CoVid-19 Map and Street Overlays

The City of Toronto has come out with a cool statistic of CoVid-19 infections as well as infections per 100,000 people. Unfortunately it has no street map labels nor other indicators, leaving you hunting for your area. The map also auto-refreshes, making you start over if you are too slow.

Here is the map, pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle, as well as a City of Toronto electoral divisions map, from Elections Canada. Map rotated -16.67 degrees.

Find your house or area on the Elections Canada electoral map. Point to it on the screen. Scroll upward until it matches up to the City of Toronto CoVid-19 map. There’s your house with the City of Toronto CoVid-19 infection statistics.

Doom and Gloom, and a Decade of Depression

I found the article Why Our Economy May Be Headed for a Decade of Depression very enlightening on trying to explain the current buoyant stock market vs so much job loss, as well as shedding some light into the future of this pandemic. This is an interview with Nouriel Roubini, “Dr. Doom”, and another article Ten reasons why a ‘Greater Depression’ for the 2020s is inevitable. Dr Nouriel Roubini is a professor of economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Changes in Person to Person Relationships Due to a Virus

It is remarkable that within a three month period, that one of the base building blocks of person to person relationships would change. This change is so markedly clear, in that there is a “before” state, and event, and then an “after” state. We are in the “after” state of the effects of CoVid-19, the corona virus that originated from Wuhan, China.

Where once we could meet strangers, make conversation and become friends quickly, there is now a wall of suspicion, a hesitation to greet the stranger, an unwillingness to start a discussion. We all do not want to catch this virus, get sick, possibly hospitalized, and then die. We have no immunity whatsoever from this novel corona virus.

To Diet and Lose Weight: Not As Easy As Reduced Intake

Flippant, I was, when I was younger, when I said the way to reduce your weight is to simply eat less. In a way I was right, but in my naivety I did not know the complexity of the problem. Age has a way of providing more wisdom to the problem. It turns out that I am not alone, as the percentage of obese people in the Western world is now alarming and rising. This is a big problem that needs to be solved.

Within China, Dissenting Views: Xiang Songzuo talk 2018 Dec 16

Xiang Songzuo 向松祚, professor, Renmin University, School of Finance, former chief economist of China Agricultural Bank

2018 Dec 16 speech to CEO class at Renmin Business School
-recordings, transcripts banned within China
Thanks for the translation

Aside: 2018 Jul 24 Tsinghua law professor Xu Zhangrun’s (许章润) broadside “Imminent Fears, Immediate Hopes”,

Summary: the Chinese economy is going to be in for long-term and very difficult times.

-Within year, private business investment dropped
-politically XJP supports SOE and not private business

The Allure of Imperfection: Wabi Sabi

I have heard about wabi-sabi before but have not grasped the meaning. This article grasps the concepts.

Originating in Taoism during China’s Song dynasty (960-1279) before being passed onto Zen Buddhism, wabi-sabi was originally seen as an austere, restrained form of appreciation. Today it encapsulates a more relaxed acceptance of transience, nature and melancholy, favouring the imperfect and incomplete in everything, from architecture to pottery to flower arranging.

Wabi, which roughly means ‘the elegant beauty of humble simplicity’, and sabi, which means ‘the passing of time and subsequent deterioration’, were combined to form a sense unique to Japan and pivotal to Japanese culture. But just as Buddhist monks believed that words were the enemy of understanding, this description can only scratch the surface of the topic.


pinyin: chà jì Japanese: 侘と寂 わびとさび