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Samsung SM-J3270V Phone Maximum Power Saving Mode: Change Default Apps

The Samsung SM-J3270V phone has a maximum power saving mode, where apps are shut down to save power. This is great to extend your usable time, but if you only use a minimum of apps, limited to four chosen apps on your home screen.

I had a hella time figuring out how to change the home screen apps. It is not very apparent. Here’s how to do it.

  1. In maximum power saving mode, top right hand corner, hit the burger for more options
  2. hit “edit”. Disregard the second option “Turn off Maximum Power saving mode” as they are not related.
  3. From there you have the option to add or delete the four chosen home screen apps

The Neuroscience of Controlling Cravings

Craving are all around us. I do know that fast food restaurants and grocery stores use our cravings to play psychological games on us, in order to sell us more high profit products. I had worked at the Bay, a Canadian department store, who merchandised products based on psychological analysis, habits and cravings. This all I know. Yet cravings are often difficult to control, and can lead to over-purchase, over-eating and weight gain.

US-China Trade War: Divergent Points of View

So many articles have come out of China that view China as the victim, and the US has been picking on China and Huawei. In China this victimization is played up in the news and, with the absence of varying views, believed by most Chinese people.

On the surface they seem to have a persuasive argument: China is up and coming, the US is a “has been” country that refuses to step down, and therefore is trying to contain China’s rise. The US is racist. There is a clash of civilizations. The US is a bully. The US under Trump is against international trading and international order.

Leqianpo Restaurant in China adds 25% Duty Tax for US Tourists

For dining US tourists, a 25% duty will be added. Chinese restaurant sign: For further information please contact the US Embassy

For dining US tourists, a 25% duty will be added. Chinese restaurant sign: For further information please contact the US Embassy

乐签婆串串香加盟店 Lè qiān pó chuànchuànxiāng jiāméng diàn Lechianpo looks like a hot pot restaurant chain. A Chinese friend sent me this, so I don’t know the location or city of this place

却日起, 凡美国国籍游客用餐时须加收25%关税,凡请知晓! 若有不便,请咨询美国大使馆!
Què rì qǐ, Fán měiguó guójí yóukè yòngcān shí xū jiā shōu 25%guānshuì, fán qǐng zhīxiǎo! Ruò yǒu bùbiàn, qǐng zīxún měiguó dàshǐ guǎn!

For dining US tourists a 25% duty will be added to all meals. For further information please contact the US Embassy

Parking Ticket 2: City of Toronto, Canada

Toronto parking ticket, 31 Ellis Ave, no parking Dec 1-Mar 31

Toronto parking ticket, 31 Ellis Ave, no parking Dec 1-Mar 31

I really should not be finding these on the ground, but because they are made of a piasticized material they are durable. This one even has a burn mark on it, as if the recipient wanted to burn it! It did not burn. This is not my ticket.

The violation cited was Toronto municipal code ch 950-405A. Here’s the bylaw:

Martial Law After the Tiananmen Square Killings: Thoughts After 30 years

As a Canadian, living under martial law is unheard of. We simply do not have such situations that warrant martial law. After 30 years, I still have strong memories and impressions of living under martial law in Beijing, 30 years after the Tiananmen Square killings. Who wrote and rewrote what history is for others to debate. My impressions and memories remain intact, burned into my brain, forever.

Moving and Sharing Email files on cPanel

It initially seemed easy enough, but turned out it was not. I moved a customer to a new host, and she wanted a copy of all her emails on the old host.

So I ssh’d into both and copied over the /mail directory, which contained all her emails. Now I had a copy of all her email on the new server.

The mail directory structure is:

Within the cur directory are message files with names such as,S=16683374,W=16900128:2,RS

Black Diamond Cheese, Canada: Terrible Customer Feedback System

Black Diamond Cheddar. How long is old cheddar aged? How about the extra old? I asked but did not get an answer.

Black Diamond Cheddar. How long is old cheddar aged? How about the extra old? I asked but did not get an answer.

I eat cheese on a regular basis. My favourite brand is Black Diamond. It is of consistent quality, and I have never had a problem with packaging. I wanted to know how long their “Old” cheddar is aged, vs their “extra old” cheddar. It seems to me a simple question.

The Black Diamond website has lovely pics of their cheese, but did not answer my question. I therefore filled in a feedback form asking my question. The response was, not really a response.

Huawei and US National Security: Thoughts

It is rare for me to comment about national security, and much less about the national security of a foreign country, in this case, the US. The US has not only banned Huawei from selling equipment in the US, but has also put Huawei and related companies on a list of national security bans, where US companies cannot sell of their technology to these banned companies. Foreign companies using US technology must also comply. I’ll try to talk about Huawei’s means, motive, opportunity.

Microsoft Releases OS Update for Win XP, 7 Systems CVE-2019-0708

Rare, is an update from Microsoft for Win XP and Win7 systems. This vulnerability must be an important one. it deals with Remote Desktop Services, or Terminal Services. Updates are available for Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008. That is a surprising list of dead Windows systems.

Today Microsoft released fixes for a critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability, CVE-2019-0708, in Remote Desktop Services – formerly known as Terminal Services – that affects some older versions of Windows. The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) itself is not vulnerable. This vulnerability is pre-authentication and requires no user interaction. In other words, the vulnerability is ‘wormable’, meaning that any future malware that exploits this vulnerability could propagate from vulnerable computer to vulnerable computer in a similar way as the WannaCry malware spread across the globe in 2017. source