Is Blogging Important to your Life?

I remain unconvinced that blogging is all that useful. However I will persevere.

1 thought on “Is Blogging Important to your Life?

  1. daviding

    One of the truths about my life is that I have more friends — real friends, not just virtual friends — internationally than I do locally. It’s been an interesting exercise to keep in touch with everyone. Blogging has actually proven to maintain some of those distant ties.

    After you’ve got more experience with blogging, you’ll eventually decide whether you want to have a single blog or multiple blogs. After starting and killing my blog(s) three times, I came to understand that I’ve got two audience: family and friends (who like photographs), and researchers (who read words). Having two separate blogs has enabled me separate the mailing lists — something that I can on a personal blog, that isn’t native on wordpress.COM — so that people who don’t use feed readers can keep up.

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