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Weight Loss, How to Lose Weight: My Learnings, Hints and Tips

Weight loss, from a conceptual viewpoint is actually quite simple, but there are so many nuances that make it quite difficult to achieve and maintain an ideal weight. Your body is designed by evolution, with vestiges from long-past times. Your body will do all it can to not allow you to diet down and die because you ran out of energy. To understand how this mechanism works will help you reduce down to a healthy weight.

Exercise Addiction: Getting your Daily Dopamine Fix

People who exercise consistently and hard are thought to be devoted and doing good for their bodies. Commitment is required to be hard core. An alternative view is that they are addicted to the spurt of dopamine that they receive during each workout, very similar to all other addictions. In an age where most people don’t get enough exercise, this cannot be bad, right? Can you have a diet addiction? Apparently so.

Smartphone and Texting Addiction: Possible Causes

Well known, is that smartphone use, specifically texting while driving and walking is dangerous to both the person and to all others either on the road or sidewalk. There is no question that smartphone use has an addictive nature and seems to be able to tap into something primal in the human spirit.

Recent news articles have come out to try to explain what is happening and why the addiction happens. Here is one on Texting and Addiction.

1. Sending a Text creates a “TR”, a novel brainwave in the prefrontal cortex on both sides of the brain, but only acting when sending a text, not receiving one, or talking on the phone.

Obesity, Supersizing and the Poison that is Sugar

Could we be poisoning ourselves with the supposedly benign substance we consume, that we call sugar? There are a lot of mysteries that plague our society: rampant obesity, the prevalence of diabetes, and many new heath scares. I saw The Men Who Made us Fat on tv yesterday, and it was shocking. You can watch the ,a href=”https://vimeo.com/search?q=The+men+who+made+us+fat”>3 part series in Vimeo.

Obesity is rampant. It is even seen in elementary school kids. This is shocking. Kids run all day and play like, well, kids. How can they become overweight? While I continue to struggle to loose a little more, and to not put more on, I am puzzled by what I see around me. Is it inevitable for us to become obese when past generations did not have this problem? Is this a first-world problem?

Smartphone and Inattentive Parenting

The scene is an all too familiar one: A parent takes his/her kids to the park to play. The parent then gets on their cellphone to either talk or surf, leaving the kids to their own devices. The kids beg the parent to help them, all to no avail. The kid gives up and plays by him or herself. This is just morally wrong. Why squander the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids, rather than give your undivided attention to a small 3″ x 4″ box? We are negatively addicted to our smartphones. All this observed in my predominantly Mainland Chinese community here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.