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Weight Loss, How to Lose Weight: My Learnings, Hints and Tips

Weight loss, from a conceptual viewpoint is actually quite simple, but there are so many nuances that make it quite difficult to achieve and maintain an ideal weight. Your body is designed by evolution, with vestiges from long-past times. Your body will do all it can to not allow you to diet down and die because you ran out of energy. To understand how this mechanism works will help you reduce down to a healthy weight.

Calories in Papadum is only 35

The nutrition label on my Indian papadum states that 100g has 316 calories and 2,454g of salt. The salt is 102% of your daily recommended intake. How misleading are these nutrition facts. The numbers are for 100g of papadum.

My package of papadum is 150g for 14 circles. Who, in their right mind, would eat 2/3ds, or 9 papadum at a sitting?

Each papadum weights 11g and has 35 calories, 273g salt

To cook: microwave on high for 2 minutes