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Japan is Unique, and not like China

I have spent significant time in both Japan and China. When people say that China will progress just like Japan, I find it startling. The two cultures are not even remotely close to each other. This NYT article Testing Is Key to Beating Coronavirus, Right? Japan Has Other Ideas highlights some of the unique characteristics of Japan. While it does not specifically outline the differences between Japan and China, if you have lived in China and think about it, some Japanese traits are simply mind boggling.

qnreading from Chinese Social Media QQ: Unknown Protocol

I am a QQ user, which is part of Chinese social media. From Tencent 腾讯 in China, QQ is a simpler messaging and social media ecosystem than WeChat 微信. In the past couple of months I have been noticing more content is blocked to me here in Canada. More concerning is that China is beginning to use new protocols on the internet that are unique to China.

Geoblocking is regularly used by Chinese stores. I search for their products on Baidu, find images but cannot go to their web pages because they detect that I am not in China and block me. While this is annoying, at least I can understand the technical mechanism. They do not want Western eyes looking at their web pages, and that is their prorogative.

CoVid-19 Corona Virus Face Mask Requirements by Country

Requirements to wear a cloth face mask, by country is evolving. Starting in Asia, acceptance has spread worldwide. This is an evolving situation, with more countries mandating use with time and social acceptance.

Maskenpflicht (mask duty) in German

Government Guidance Articles

Sewing DIY Cloth Surgical-style Face Masks

This mask design fits very well. It is double layer cotton, with a space between for filter material. The nose bridge has a metal insert for forming around your nose. Straps go around your neck and head. Photo1 by Don Tai

This mask design fits very well. It is double layer cotton, with a space between for filter material. The nose bridge has a metal insert for forming around your nose. Straps go around your neck and head. Photo1 by Don Tai

We don’t as yet have an epidemic with the corona virus CoVid-19, from originally from Wuhan, China, but i thought it prudent to research how to sew up some surgical-style face masks, just in case. These home made masks can possibly match the surgical-style mask.

China Law Regulating Internet Content: Positive Content Only

This new Chinese law only allows for “positive” content on the internet, with wide discrepancy for interpretation. While it will be difficult to interpret and will be a moving target, this has always been the case for all of Chinese law and especially content on the Chinese web space.

A good study is required if you publish anything in China. Specifically note Chapter 2, Article 4 through 7. These are critical for content writers and commenters, which means everyone.

Li Wenliang: Torchbearer for Truth in China

It is always difficult to see someone die after they did the right thing and told the truth. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist in Wuhan, China, did just that. For telling is circle of 8 doctor friends about a new virus spreading through his hospital, he was called to the police station and made to sign a confession for speaking out without authorization from the higher authorities. His friend circle were fellow doctors. He would later die from the very disease, CoVid-19, that he talked about.

China Shandong Province, Yantai City, Qingnian Jiayuan; Virtual Tour

It is not as nice as actually being there, but when you’re stuck in Toronto it continues to be interesting. It is a lot faster.

Today I’m going to Shandong Province, Yantai City. It’s a coastal town about the size of Toronto’s 4M people. In China that’s a 3d tier city, barely big enough to warrant note on China’s large single page map. The place I’m going to is somewhat near Ludong University, about 1.5km away.

Shandong Province, Yantai City, Ludong University, Qingnian Jiayuan 山东省,烟台市,鲁东大学,青年家园。

GPS: 37.533098, 121.366479
Plus Code: 8Q93G9M8+5J

Shandong Province, Yantai City, Ludong University, from Baidu Maps

Shandong Province, Yantai City, Ludong University, from Baidu Maps

Sweden’s Greta Thunberg Chastises Adults for their Climate Change Failure

She’s 16 and very cute, though she has a temper. In fact, she is correct. The adults of the world are ruining the environment, and her generation and beyond will need to repair it. While the outcomes are irrefutable the contributing issues are complex. While there is no excuse for wrecking the environment, there are reasons why adults are not more proactive.

People need jobs or they cannot live. Many of these jobs involve natural resources. Canada, for example, has oil in the ground that has been traditionally extracted and sold to customers around the world. If we stop the burning of oil completely, these jobs will disappear and people’s lives and families will be destroyed. While this can change, in the long run, we have no mechanism to do this yet.

China’s Border Control: Exit Ban or Bian Kong

China is well known for its ability to detain foreigners from exiting the country. It is often used to settle business conflict between foreigners and Chinese companies. The Chinese company contacts the police to say that a foreigner has not paid or lived up to some business dealing and Chinese border control puts a ban on the foreigner’s exit. These are called “exit bans“.

Bian kong, “边控“, short for bianjing kongzhi, “边境控制” is a system that can bar a foreigner from leaving China. We normally call it an “exit ban”



目前国内关于边控的相关法律规定,主要是外国人出入境管理法、 《中华人民共和国公民出入境管理法》 (以下简称“两法”)和最高法院、最高检察院、公安部、国家安全部印发的《关于依法限制外国人和中国公民出境问题的若干规定》 (以下简称《若干规定》)以及公安部发布的一些部门规章等。总体上讲,这些规定比较原则,在适用中还需要不断地加以完善

Moral Rural Training, Yunnan Province, China

Rural training in Funing County, Yunnan, China

Rural training in Funing County, Yunnan, China

打恶除黑 da echu hei, Fight evil
强扬中华正气 qiangyang zhonghua zhengqi, Strengthening China’s righteousness
创建和谐文明社会 chuangjian hexie wenming shehui, Create a harmonious civil society

富宁县花甲乡 Fù níngxiàn huājiǎ xiāng, Huanxiang Township, Funing County
劳动力引导培训班 Láodònglì Yǐndǎo péixùn bān, Guided training course

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