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Weight Loss, How to Lose Weight: My Learnings, Hints and Tips

Weight loss, from a conceptual viewpoint is actually quite simple, but there are so many nuances that make it quite difficult to achieve and maintain an ideal weight. Your body is designed by evolution, with vestiges from long-past times. Your body will do all it can to not allow you to diet down and die because you ran out of energy. To understand how this mechanism works will help you reduce down to a healthy weight.

The Neuroscience of Controlling Cravings

Craving are all around us. I do know that fast food restaurants and grocery stores use our cravings to play psychological games on us, in order to sell us more high profit products. I had worked at the Bay, a Canadian department store, who merchandised products based on psychological analysis, habits and cravings. This all I know. Yet cravings are often difficult to control, and can lead to over-purchase, over-eating and weight gain.