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static.vdc.vn: Research, Ban

static.vdc.vn is regular content scraper, but it did POST to me and left its IP address. I have been trying to track this one down for a while, but it uses such a wide variety of IP addresses that this is difficult. I could ban large ranges but this would also ban a wide swath of Vietnam, which I do not wish.

static.vdc.vn 2017-feb-27
static.vdc.vn 2016-nov-03
static.vdc.vn 2017-jan-14
static.vdc.vn 2016-nov-22
static.vdc.vn 2016-oct-31
static.vdc.vn 2017-jan-18
static.vdc.vn 2016-dec-27
static.vdc.vn 2017-feb-20
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-dec-26
dynamic.vdc.vn 2017-jan-30
dynamic.vdc.vn 2017-jan-23
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-dec-18
dynamic.vdc.com.vn 2017-jan-22
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-oct-21
dynamic.vdc.vn 2017-feb-08
dynamic.vdc.vn 2017-jan-09
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-nov-21
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-nov-25
static.vdc.vn 2016-nov-03
static.vdc.vn 2016-dec-23
static.vdc.vn host name actual