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Computer and Smartphone Security in Repressive Countries

Computer and Smartphone Security in Repressive Countries | 电脑和手机安全手册在压迫国家

Links and copies are AGAIN online. I’ll post when I receive an update. Vietnamese has been added 现在可以下载。要是文章要改变,我有最新版的时一会给你下载。 Updated 2018 June 17

These security documents for computers and smartphones are useful if: 这个关于电脑和手机安全手册是好用的要是:

  • your country can confiscate, investigate and interrogate your devices at will。
  • 你国家可以随意没收,调查和询问您的电脑和手机
  • your country can force or coerce you to give up your passwords
  • 你的国家可以强制或胁迫你放弃你的密码

These documents are not mine but belong to practicaldigitalprotection.com, a project of Safeguard Defeners. I am only safeguarding and promoting the documents for those who need them. Having read these documents I believe they are important enough to the world to keep a safe copy. I do not know the names of the owners of these documents, nor do I want to know, for their and my safety. If and when these documents are changed, I will replace them with their updated versions.

Email Phishing Scam: Online Air Canada Ticket Purchase

She phoned me in a tizzy: Someone had used her credit card to purchase an Air Canada ticket for $375CAD, and the flight was leaving in a couple of days. What to do? Firstly, is to calm down and not have a cow. To be safe, check your credit cards. The next step is to scrutinize the email to see if there are some illegitimate pieces of info in it. Is this really a risk or just a spam/phishing scam?

Here is her email:

From: Air Canada [mailto:tickets@aircanada.com]
Sent: February-17-14 9:05 AM
Subject: Your Order # FF6F57 - PROCESSED
Importance: High