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The Transition of CoVid-19 from Pandemic to Endemic

It has been over two years since CoVid-19 has blighted the earth. From Wuhan, China, it spanned out all over the earth, reproducing and growing, maiming and killing people. The race between CoVid-19 strains results in the winner finding ever better ways of infecting humans and animals. The other strains die off. Much has been done to blunt the sword of Covid-19, but now we are at a point where we’ve chosen to live with the virus instead of trying to eradicate it. CoVid-19 is formidable and is here to stay.

The CoVid-19 Pandemic Continues, even with Vaccines

It has been a long haul of 16 months in Canada, and specifically Ontario. Ontario has made some major mistakes in its pandemic response, resulting in prolonged lock down, but all that is now in the past. Now we are in a better place, with over 50% of citizens double vaccinated and near 78% single vaccinated. Lock down measures have been greatly reduced. But is the pandemic over? Not by a long shot.