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The Ingenuity of Virus Transmission

Viruses have been with mankind before there was mankind. I don’t even know if we can determine when they were created. As with all things that persist for a very long time, they have grown and adapted in surprising ways in order to stay alive and flourish. Our newest, and certainly not the last, virus is CoVid-19, which has thrown the world into a pandemic. This virus, and other corona viruses, may not have a brain, but are extremely smart in knowing how to use our human behaviours in order to proliferate. We do need to give credit where credit is due: These viruses are remarkably efficient.

Being Human in an Internet Bot World

Humans are slow and somewhat unpredictable, at least compared to a bot scraping this web site. I actually like that. After all, my posts are meant to be read by humans and not bots. I welcome bots only if they provide a route for humans to my site, such as search engines. For all other bots, known and unknown intent, you will receive a 403 if I can help it.

Request Header-Based Logging for Apache

When someone, such as a person or a bot, the requester, requests a resource from your server, this request, for Apache, is logged in the raw access log. The requester also leaves some information about itself called http request headers. While not standard to log on Apache, with a little bit of php added to the html, this extra information can be logged and examined to help determine if the requester is a bot or human.

As an additional file will be created daily, I opted to put these files into a subdirectory. The headers, one per line, are being logged into a headers-yyyymmdd.log file, which seems free form. Different requesters leave different sets of headers.

Content Spam: Human or Not? jijikserver Pinsupport

I received this message on my site which on the surface looked like a human. Though they had grammar errors there was enough there to pass. With further analysis I believe this to be a bot.

hey hai this is ashok , i have lg optimusp768 with rooted, unlocked bootloader and also cwm , but i cant find custom roms any wheere please prepare one custom rom , or atleast one stock rom with more features

Human Characteristics:
The comment was on topic. The English, which had grammar and spelling mistakes, was passable.

Bot Characteristics:

Human Physiology and Apparent Lack of Attention to Detail

We are human, there is no denying this. As technology improves and allows us more convenience this also has disadvantages. Human physiology, which we cannot control, is a force that contributes to our behaviour. The less we need to concentrate on something, the more our mind wanders to other aspects of our lives. This propensity is not something we can control. It is autonomous and a built-in feature of our wonderful minds. That said, there are downsides, especially with safety.