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City of Toronto Garbage Collection Rules

City of Toronto, Garbage rules, front side, 2024

City of Toronto, Garbage rules, front side, 2024

The City of Toronto has some specific rules as to what you can put out to the curb as garbage. If your waste does not comply they will not pick it up. Many newcomers to Toronto do not know many of these rules, so when the garbage guys are nice, they leave this type of notice.

If you are expecting a bunch of guys to be lifting up and throwing you trash bins into the back of their truck, those days are long gone. The trucks are now single driver and operate an automated arm. Trash bins are Toronto-specific and issued to be compatible with their trucks. Bins are lifted up and dumped from the top. Trash bin locks seem to unlock when upside down.

How to Get a Visa for China: Toronto

Unforseen circumstances forced us to get a Chinese visa in a rush, here in Toronto. The experience left us a bit shell shocked, bewildered and traumatized. So that others do not experience the same, I’ll blog our travails.

Google “China visa Toronto” and you’ll get a couple of companies that claim they can do your Chinese visa. They are correct, but might charge you over double the cost. There is really only one way to get a visa for China, through VisaForChina.org and if you have sufficient lead time and follow certain steps you can reduce the amount of trauma you experience.

Paper Bags for Yard Waste: Ineffective

Sometimes one sees a well accepted solution that simply does not work. Having the public purchase large paper bags in order to dispose of yard waste is at best a bad idea and at worst simply a waste of money. Yet here in Toronto, Canada, these bags are almost universally used for yard waste.