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Price Chopper, Ontario, Canada Stopped its Advertising Flyer

Price Chopper at Brimley/Huntingwood, Toronto, Ontario,Canada, not closed but not forgotten

Price Chopper at Brimley/Huntingwood, Toronto, Ontario,Canada, not closed but not forgotten

Four weeks ago Price Chopper, Ontario, Canada stopped delivering their weekly advertising flyer. They also removed the flyer from their web site. Price Chopper, owned by Sobey’s. I sent them an email from their site on 2019 Sep 19. It is only today that they responded, 10 days later. I actually resent them an email yesterday because I thought my first email was lost.

Their response was that they recently made changes to distribution, but what about their online flyer, which has also disappeared? Very odd. No matter, there are other stores to go shop.

Using Coupons in Canada: Crest Toothpaste

Crest toothpaste. From $2.37CAD at Walmart down to $0.75CAD, saving 68.35% off retail

Crest toothpaste. From $2.37CAD at Walmart down to $0.75CAD, saving 68.35% off retail

Extreme Couponing is a TV series on Discovery Channel that follows the trips of people who can buy $1,000 of products but reduce their total cost to $50 through the use of manufacturer coupons. Extreme they are, organized as well as driven by a personal urge to save. Many came from experiences where they had nothing or were about to file for bankruptcy. Here in Canada their tactics do not work the same, so I set out to find the best strategy for couponing in Toronto, Canada. My example is the purchase of Crest toothpaste, 130mg, discounted 68.35%. I cannot come close to the 95% discount of the Americans, but will keep trying.

Mystery Shopping Test: Price Chopper, Nofrills

This mystery shopping test was done on Friday April 3, 2009, accompanied by my son. It was raining heavily and mad dashes from the car to the store entrance made us soaked. Still, it was +10C, and is expected for spring. Trip review: Price Chopper A, Nofrlls C.

General Notes

Toronto has a varying climate with 4 distinct seasons and significant precipitation. In the winter we can get a snowfall of 20cm in one day. Copious amounts of rain can fall, as is the case today. It has been raining hard today. Toronto is expecting 10-20mm of rain, so much so that you still get very wet running from the car to the store.

What’s Your Beef?

$1.20/lb ground beef, with onion

$1.20/lb, 1.5 lbs of ground beef, browned with onions

If you are what you eat, then we are certainly not cow. At least not much, anyway. We’re not really big beef eaters, and never were. Hopefully this will bring us good luck in the Chinese year of the Cow, which starts on Monday.

It did not help when we learned of the Canadian mad cow scare, where the brains and spinal cords of cows were put back into cow feed. That’s bovine cannibalism, which is crazy when you think that cows are herbivores. Yes, mankind did lend a helping hand. The Canadian government did not even heed the learnings and warnings from Britain, where there was a huge and disastrous mad cow outbreak. Even Japan warned us. I guess our Japanese isn’t as good as it should be.

Advantages of Local Chinese Grocery Stores

While the large big box grocery stores (Loblaws/No Frills, Price Chopper, Food for Less, Metro) duke it out with themselves, a large contingent ethnic Canadians continue to shop locally, shunning the local big boys. Why is this? There are many advantages to our local Chinese stores: Produce, of course, is specialized to Asian tastes, fruits and vegetables are so much fresher, grocers speak Chinese, checkout is usually extremely fast though a bit rough, and costs of goods is usually cheaper.