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The Neuroscience of Controlling Cravings

Craving are all around us. I do know that fast food restaurants and grocery stores use our cravings to play psychological games on us, in order to sell us more high profit products. I had worked at the Bay, a Canadian department store, who merchandised products based on psychological analysis, habits and cravings. This all I know. Yet cravings are often difficult to control, and can lead to over-purchase, over-eating and weight gain.

Psychology of Magic

Blurring the line between the real and unreal, magic does this without any sociological or physical penalty. When the lines blur between the real and unreal, people get committed to hospitals and take a regimen of drugs. People jump off bridges in an attempt to fly, only to meet their death. Lose control of this ability to judge and you are in big trouble. While losing this ability is rare and terrifying, magic does this on a daily basis, all in a safe environment. Magicians trick human nature all the time, and have been doing so since humans walked the earth. How much more interesting can this get?