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Repair Older American Standard Ballcock Fill Valve

Older American Standard Ballcock fill valve. Use Google Search images to find your valve type. There are many different ones.

Older American Standard Ballcock fill valve. Use Google Search images to find your valve type. There are many different ones.

Recently the water pipes on my street were refurbished. as a result a lot of gunk they scraped off was flushed through my water system. Shortly after my older American Standard toilet started acting up, like it was not getting water into the tank. While there are a lot of sites and videos that show you how to replace the ballcock fill valve there are none that show you how to repair it. Here is how I repaired mine. It was very easy.

Planned Obsolescence: A Strike against the Environment

Hate it, I do, when a product fails before I believe it should. I have ranted about such products here before and I stand by my rants. Specifically you see products fail mere months after the warranty has expired, seemingly on queue for you to purchase yet another replacement. The old one goes into the garbage and then landfill, and the environment takes an unnecessary penalty for our stupidity. Clearly this should not be. I purposely buy products that last a long time, if I can, and take measures to ensure they do last.

Repair Sony Earbud Headphone Wires

Friend Dave had ripped one of the wires on his Sony earbud headphones, MDR-EX38iP, so I decided to fix it. With the help of the Internet he now has a headset back in service.

The wires on these headphones are really very thin and fragile. There is no apparent physical shielding between the signal and ground wires, and twisting like wires together did not get the cut off earbud working. Luckily my friends at Instructables gave me hints to the solution.

Repair Viking Auto Dryer, T. Eaton Company

Old machinery is ugly, strongly made of metal, is serviceable and lasts a long time. This is the case of my Viking Auto dryer, made by the T. Eaton Company (long defunct), model no. EDX22RW1181. This dryer came with the house and has been working pretty well until recently. Ten years ago or so it stopped heating, so I took it apart and fixed the broken heating wire. Now it runs but the heat shuts off after about 20 minutes, so our clothing takes 3 hrs to dry. Why did I wait this long to repair the dryer? Because others in the house did not tell me of the problem until recently. Now that I cleaned out all the lint from 10 years it should run well again.

Repairing an Olympia Nomad Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Olympia Nomad motorcycle jacket: nice jacket, well constructed inside and out

Olympia Nomad motorcycle jacket: nice jacket, well constructed inside and out

Textile motorcycle jackets are really for one time crash use, then they are trashed. “Face”, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada had bought an Olympia Nomad textile motorcycle jacket in May 2012, then lowsided at 80 mph in Montana in July 2012. With only a couple of months of use and about $300US later, it was a shame to trash the jacket. We opted to try a repair of the damage. The jacket had minor melting and a hole in the left elbow, some teeth missing from one of the air vent zippers, small rips of the cordura that covered the zipper, and abrasion and stitching destroyed in the slide. The right elbow had a couple seams abraded away that needed to be resewn.

Ripstik Mechanical Maintenance: Overview

Maintenance of any mechanical device is important for the smooth and trouble free operation. A ripstik is a kid’s toy, similar to a skateboard, and as a kid’s toy, gets vicious abuse. We bought a used Ripstik Classic and it really needed some TLC. Here is what we did. As a result of our maintenance the ripstik runs much smoother and glides farther, resulting in faster speeds and/or less effort. These are all benefits of a couple of hours of maintenance.

Changing your main water shutoff valve: Toronto

The human body is composed of roughly 80% water. To say that fresh water is vital to our existence is quite true. Living in Toronto, Canada, we get our drinking water from our municipal water purification plant and water supply piping system. While those in condominiums and large apartments rely on property management companies to worry about these minute details, the rest of us that live in houses must fend for ourselves. Municipal water arrives from a pipe deep underground, protected from the frost. There is a water shutoff on your front lawn, as well as main water shutoff inside your house. If your main water shutoff has seized shut or open and you cannot turn it in either direction, you will need to replace it. Without a way to shut off the water in your house you risk flooding your house if a water pipe bursts, for whatever reason. Here is how to change your main water shutoff in Toronto, Canada.

Instructibles Leather Links

Hhere are some interesting leather working links, all from Instructibles. They have some great tip on making near anything. These are leather related. Leather is an excellent material to use, being all natural. Mankind has a long history of using leather to survive, and rightly so. If taken care of leather will last a lifetime and keep its suppleness as well as protective properties.

  • Make a leather watchband or bracelet: This is really a Leather 101 course because it covers leather prep, stamping, rivets, staining and finishing. This is an awesome instructible. (KentsOkay)
  • Leather Bookbinding: Not so difficult, but the instructions are very clear. (gmjhowe)
  • Make leather stamps: He calls them leather tooling punches, but these are leather stamps. I will need to try this but won’t use a nail. I will probably use a bolt instead. Then again the nails he uses are quite thick. Still, pretty cool how he makes these. (cbm104)
  • How to Peen a Rivet: from a nail. Beginner’s guide to tradition riveting

I will add to this list as I find more leather projects.