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Moving and Sharing Email files on cPanel

It initially seemed easy enough, but turned out it was not. I moved a customer to a new host, and she wanted a copy of all her emails on the old host.

So I ssh’d into both and copied over the /mail directory, which contained all her emails. Now I had a copy of all her email on the new server.

The mail directory structure is:

Within the cur directory are message files with names such as


Generating htpasswords through SSH

If you are on Ubuntu and do not want to install htpasswd, SSH into your server

htpasswd -n id

You will be prompted, twice, for a password. The key will be generated on screen

-n: generate key on screen
id: chosen id
password: chosen pw
code will be generated, add this to password file

password file not available from FTP
Brute Force Attacks

SSH Transfers Between Servers: Summary

SSH is a unix tool you can use to facilitate secure and fast transfers between servers, or between your desktop and a server. Instead of transferring a file from server A to your PC and then from your PC to server B, you can more directly transfer files from Server A to server B.

You will need SSH credentials for both servers. These credentials include an ID, the server name, port and a password. You will need to get these from your server admin, or your ISP. Once you have these, start a terminal each and “SSH id@servername”. You will be prompted for a password. Once you login your terminal prompt will change, showing you that you’re on a different server. Keep both open. From the receiving server you can do the scp command. This seems the easiest.