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Environment Day at L’amoreaux Community Centre: Terrible Logistics, Waste of Resources

Some things get you so mad. I’m trying to do my part for recycling and attended the L’Amoreaux Community Centre “Environment Day” in the City of Toronto, 2024 July 06. Environment Day should be a day to celebrate not wasting resources, to be light on Mother Earth, to do your part and recycle. Today was so not like this. Here is my note to the local city councillor:

That was the worst planned environment day ever at L’Amoreaux Community Center today 2024 Jul 06. At 10:10am over 60 cars idling for 30 minutes before I could deposit my recyclables. The actual deposit of recyclables took less than 30 seconds.

City of Toronto Garbage Collection Rules

City of Toronto, Garbage rules, front side, 2024

City of Toronto, Garbage rules, front side, 2024

The City of Toronto has some specific rules as to what you can put out to the curb as garbage. If your waste does not comply they will not pick it up. Many newcomers to Toronto do not know many of these rules, so when the garbage guys are nice, they leave this type of notice.

If you are expecting a bunch of guys to be lifting up and throwing you trash bins into the back of their truck, those days are long gone. The trucks are now single driver and operate an automated arm. Trash bins are Toronto-specific and issued to be compatible with their trucks. Bins are lifted up and dumped from the top. Trash bin locks seem to unlock when upside down.

Commercial Bread Comparison in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I want to compare our local commercial breads here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Specifically I want to know about the ratio of fiber to carbs. Can bread be healthy? With Vanessa Kimbell and Tim Spector 19:06 21:53 fiber to carb ratio, 1/5 (20%) good, 1/17 (5.88%)-1/20 (5%) not good

These breads are rated from best to worst in terms of fiber percentage of carbohydrates.

Dimplmeier Organic Rye with Flaxseeds

Dimplmeier Organic Rye with Flaxseeds

Dimplmeier Organic Rye with Flaxseeds, nutrition

Dimplmeier Organic Rye with Flaxseeds, nutrition

Dimplmeier Organic Rye with Flaxseeds, Ingredients

Dimplmeier Organic Rye with Flaxseeds, Ingredients

Dimplmeier Organic Rye with Flaxseeds bread: fiber / carbs = 11/49 = 22.45%

Cataract Surgery for a High Myopia Monovision Patient, Toronto, Canada: Log

I am a high myopia patient wearing glasses, in Toronto, Canada, and it was time for me to have cataract surgery. As a monovision user I’ve long had one eye focused on near reading and computer work, and the other eye focused on far distance. This strategy has worked out well for me, with no perceived loss of function. Here’s my cataract intraocular (IOL) surgery journey notes.

City of Toronto Election 2022, Managing Deputy Returning Officer: Comments

After 3 previous elections I thought I’d try this year’s 2022 Oct 24 City of Toronto election as a managing deputy returning officer. The experience running an election site was interesting, and despite the low turnout, busier than I had thought.

The managing deputy returning officer (MDRO) position manages a complete election site with up to 10 other election workers.These include:

Hose Clamp Comparison by Brand: from Youtuber Project Farm

I’ve always hated using hose clamps. I’d buy them from Home Depot and curse when they are installed and leak. I’d tighten them more and they’d deform and sometimes break. It did not dawn on me that, like everything else, there are different quality hose clamps than the crappy “All Gain” ones I use. This is particularly true for my compressor hose, which, over time, loosen and then leak. My compressor only needs 125psi.

This Youtube video Best Hose Clamp> Let’s Settle This! Ideal, Precision, Koehler, Norma, Skandvik, Mishimoto, Breeze compares various brands of hose clamps.

Purposeful Forgetfulness: CoVid-19 Numbers Climb but No Ontario Government Policy Changes

Sometimes you see old people purposely forget things, or purposely do what they are advised not to do. They know what they are doing, but use any excuse to not do it. I understand. They have the right to make decisions for their own life. As CoVid-19 indicators climb here in Toronto and Ontario, I see a purposeful forgetfulness permeating the ether. Government is looking the other way as the indicators worsen.

When indicators were receding the Ontario government was keep to use this as evidence, to bolster its direction to loosen all CoVid-19 mandates. An election is within 2 months, so there is impetus to not annoy voters. This does not protect public health.

The Slow but Sure Degradation of Ontario’s Healthcare System by CoVid-19

You could see it coming from a long way: Omicron will overrun the Ontario healthcare system. While the system usually works for us in normal times. It’s internal partial collapse is imminent. The cascade of partial failure is very evident, and will continue until Omicron passes. We can only hope that another variant will not emerge. It is clear that we, as advanced as we think we are, are at the mercy of this little, persistent, virus. We could have done more, I think, but that may not have prevented the collapse.

Grain Process Enterprises, Toronto: I bought Dark Rye Flour

Dark rye flour, 10kg bag, from Grain Process Enterprises, Toronto, $12.50. Underwhelming store, but adequate.

Dark rye flour, 10kg bag, from Grain Process Enterprises, Toronto, $12.50. Underwhelming store, but adequate.

I have been baking bread for a good 9 months now, using white wheat flour and whole grain wheat. While it is nice, I’ve gotten tired of it. Many European people seem to really like rye in their breads. I do like rye bread as well, which has a very different taste. I searched for a source of rye here in Toronto, and found Grain Process Enterprises in Scarborough.

The Pandemic in Toronto: Going Poorly

It looks like a true failure of leadership, here in Toronto. We trust in our provincial leaders and they have let us down. Instead our infection rates are fast rising, with very little holding them back. Yet it is difficult to understand the rise, as the government is not very transparent with the infection data.

We do know that: