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SmartTrack Kennedy/Finch Go Train Station, Toronto: Implications

The proposed SmartTrack Go train station for Finch/Kennedy in Scarborough, called the Finch East station, will be the station right between the existing Milliken (near Steeles Aveenue) and Agincourt (near Sheppard Avenue). Finch is a very busy route and the station would connect people to the more east-bound Finch express buses.

There are, as always, concern over implications for building in this location. The current location includes a medical building, a small shopping plaza, a small Chinese grocery store, Purolator center and a storage space business.

SmartTrack Finch East Go station at Kennedy/Finch. Google map superimposed with one from UrbanToronto.

SmartTrack Finch East Go station at Kennedy/Finch. Google map superimposed with one from UrbanToronto.

Decimation of the Middle Class in Scarborough/Toronto, Canada

Anyone who lives here in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, a suburb of Toronto, can tell you that incomes have markedly dropped. We see it in our schools and neighbourhood. A Toronto Star article on the widening income gaps here in Toronto brought me to a couple interesting maps by Dr. J. David Hulchanski. His paper “Report: The 3 Cities within Toronto, Income Polarization, 2007” gives much food for thought.

Dr. Hulchanski’s paper includes a couple of maps of Toronto by change in income from 1970 to 2000. It is a very sobering map for those of us who live in Scarborough, a suburb of Toronto. It is not that we are special, because other suburbs of Toronto have also experienced similar income drops.

OneCity TTC Proposal: Comments from Scarborough

OneCity proposal for the TTC, Toronto, Canada. Will this reduce congestion? I think not.

OneCity proposal for the TTC, Toronto, Canada. Will this reduce congestion? I think not.

Admiration is what I feel about Karen Stinz, Glen De Baeremaeker, two City of Toronto councilors, and their OneCity TTC proposal. While I might not agree with their complete plan, they have collectively invested time and effort into making commuting in Toronto better, and have a financial plan to pay for it. This is a damn sight better than Rob Ford, who shouted for subways but had no hope in hell of getting there.

Deja Vu-like, the Morning Commute has not Improved

Going back to the commute routine has been eye opening, which caught me by surprise. It’s not like this is new to me, but getting used to the TTC and the quickness of pace has been eye opening.

The TTC seems to have stayed the same. I expected advancements, but this is not so. They struggle to keep from falling backward on themselves. While most bus drivers are courteous, I have met those who are not. Once there was a detour because of a crime and police had closed the road. This driver did not even announce why he was detouring, so many people asked. He got so mad.

LRT vs Subway in Scarborough, Toronto

Scarborough LRT vs Subway station map, Toronto, Canada

Scarborough LRT vs Subway station map, Toronto, Canada

Confusing is the watchword for the Scarborough LRT. Metrolinx, the provincial organization with the mandate for regional transit has put in a plan called “Transit City”, and has allocated funding for a Light Rapid Transit, or LRT on Sheppard Avenue East. Environmental assessments, financial funding, purchase of rolling stock has been completed and construction work on the line has already started. In comes Rob Ford, the new Toronto mayor, who wants to put a subway on Sheppard instead. All the Transit City plans, decades in the making, are put on hold. Major Ford’s vision is to have the Sheppard line funded by the private sector, based on increased densities, namely condominium development, along the Sheppard line. Today I have no clarity on what will or should happen. There is a vacuum of information on the current plans for the Scarborough LRT.

Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School student tips

Mary Ward's front door archway, a nice piece of steel and glass.

Mary Ward's front door archway, a nice piece of steel and glass.

Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School is a high school located in North Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The school is part of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, or TCDSB. These tips are primarily from a parent’s viewpoint and will cover uniform, student attitude, working with teacher adviser (TA) and a little on courses. I hope this helps new grade 9 students.

School Uniform

TTC Sheppard East LRT Construction Phases

Major transit upgrades at the Toronto Transit Commission have been rare in the last 20 years, but this is changing. First in the pipe is the Sheppard East Light Rapid Transit line, in Scarborough. At approximately $1.43B CAD it will run 15km east from Don Mills Station to Morningside Ave. The line is scheduled for completion in Fall 2013, ready for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto. The project manager in me is trying to keep track of which parts of Sheppard Avenue will be chewed up when and for how long. The short term pain for residents and business owners will be severe. I hope they add bicycle lanes while they are planning.

Independent TTC Ticket Resellers Refuse to Sell Adult Tickets

Screwed up royally, sums up the TTC fair increase situation, where riders cannot buy tokens or tickets. The TTC issued short term adult fare tickets, good until January 2, 2009, available November 24, 2009 (yesterday). This is supposedly to eliminate hording of tokens. Tokens are no longer being sold. Unfortunately we also cannot find tickets to purchase anywhere, leaving us once again stuck.