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University of Toronto: Engineering and Girls

Here is a very cool news article about girls in engineering, from University of Toronto. Girls are smart, they work hard and have all the tools they need to succeed in engineering and computer science. We need to encourage them to do well in all technical subjects. Girls add a new dimension to technical fields, a new way of looking at situations, and a new way of reacting to new problems. Go girls! Big Weed makes her mark in the world.

Back at the University of Toronto, the children’s science course instructor, Michaela Tai, explains the dangers of incorrectly connecting a circuit.

The Brain is a Marvel of Technology We Don’t Understand

Could a SenseCam help keep Alzheimer's at bay?

Could a SenseCam help keep Alzheimer's at bay?

The more I learn about the brain the more I realize we have not much of a clue how it works. As we improve our scientific knowledge, there is so much further to go. Understanding how to treat Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia is a case in point. The truth is, we don’t know much. How about putting a camera on a patient’s chest, have it take random pictures, and use those photos to trigger memory recall and therefore retard Alzheimer’s? They’re doing it at the University of Toronto’s Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI) using a SenseCam from Microsoft Research.