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The Abandonment of Ukraine by Western Nations

The decimation wrought by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 2022 Feb 24 has been immense. Ukraine has crumbled, its economy severely damaged and its people scattered across the EU and the Western world. On one hand Ukraine has a bully neighbour intent on destroying it, while on the other Western countries have continued to provide Ukraine with enough weapons to continue its fight, the result being even more destruction of Ukraine. Ukraine’s predicament has had many other global implications, almost all bad.

National Freedom, but for Germany, Freiheitsenergien is the first step

In this CoVid-19 era there has been a lot of talk about freedom, specifically personal freedom, the freedom to do as you wish irregardless of how it negatively affects others. National freedom, at a country level, is the freedom to not be blackmailed by trading partners. You would think that trade would not have such dark tones, but in this day and age trade between countries has been weaponized. It looks like this is changing.