Toronto 2010 G20 Summit: Three Years Later

For me, Toronto’s loss of democracy at the G20 Summit in 2010 has not faded one bit. I have commented on this debacle of an event in 2010 and have kept current with the news and have updated my blog accordingly. So critical is this issue that I will remember it for the upcoming provincial and federal elections. I know Canadians have a very short term memory and that politicians would rather us all forget the past and vote for them in the future, but the complete breakdown of democracy and the brutal beatings by the hands of our once trusted police cannot go unpunished. Justice must be served.

The sole police officer that has been charged is only now getting his day in court. The people he beat up and were corroborated with independent eye witnesses, may testify. Those he beat up that did not have independent witnesses are still licking their wounds. They will never get justice.

Of the three levels of politicians that planned the 2010 G20 summit, only Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, remains. McGuinty stepped down, replaced by Winn, who has never spoken of the event. I hope that she will, some time in the future, explain how her government approved the rampant beating up of civilians here in Toronto. David Miller, mayor of Toronto, is now gone, replaced by Ford. The head of police in Toronto is still in office, a travesty that I abhor.

And so we wait for the slow turning of the wheels of justice. I do fear the police and am suspicious of them. I teach this to my kids. If police can beat you up at a public gathering without reason, then how can I ensure that my family and I will not be targeted by police? Only this court case can answer some of these questions. Maybe we will never know.

Addendum June 15 2016: Senior police officer guilty of G20 misconduct loses 30 paid days

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