Imperial 4500 Sewing Machine User Manual

Imperial 4500 sewing machine. Download the free user manual.

Imperial 4500 sewing machine. Download the free user manual.

Excited I am to add yet another imperial sewing machine manual to my web site. This manual is for the Model 4500, the zigzag machine. I’d like to thank “RR” for the donation. Not only is there a 4500 user manual but there is also an additional handout that includes helpful tips, lubrication points and a large parts diagram.

As usual, all sewing machine manuals on my site are free of charge. The manuals are also free to distribute on condition that they are also free to download. If you download the manual please leave a comment so that if there are updates I can forward them to you.

Download here by right click and then “Save Link As” ->1. Imperial 4500 User Manual, 2. Imperial 4500 User Manual Addendum

Thanks for downloading the user manual for the Imperial Deluxe Automatic ZigZag sewing machine Model 4500.

This manual was graciously donated to me by “RR”, who wanted it to be available to the world in order to help others. This manual should not be sold in any form and should be given away and distributed free of charge. If you have paid ANY money for this manual then you should request a refund.

Happy Sewing
Don Tai
April 2015

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2 thoughts on “Imperial 4500 Sewing Machine User Manual

  1. Ana

    Thank you! Very excited to try to get this old acquisition to sew. Does not seem to be hooking bobbin thread. Manual mentions threading needle left to right but I have a needle with the hole in the front. Is this the wrong needle?

    [Don: You stopped by my site for some info on the Imperial 4500. Needles have a flat spot on the shaft, where it goes into the machine. This flat spot is usually to the right and contacts the bolt that holds the needle tight to the machine. This should properly position the hole left-right. Remove your needle and reposition the needle’s flat part towards the screw that tightens it down.

    Problems with hooking the bobbin thread may indicate an incorrect thread path, or your bobbin has some problem, such as not properly placed in the bobbin holder.

    Happy sewing, Don]

  2. Cheryl

    Hi Don,
    My sewing machine is identical to this one. It has a BAYCREST logo on it and was sold by the Hudsons Bay Company. The machine has a metal tag on the back that reads “Model 165”, “International Factory Sales and Service, Vancouver, Canada”. I’ve had this sewing machine for about 50 years.
    My issue today is finding more bobbins. I purchased bobbin size “Class 15” because these bobbins look identical to the bobbins for my machine. Metal, 10 holes on each side with a notch on each side at the edge of the centre hole. However, when I tried to put the bobbin onto the bobbin winder post, it will not fit onto the post. Do you know where I can find bobbins for my machine?

    [Don: I use Singer bobbins, but you need to find ones that are shallower than the standard Singer ones. Bring your bobbin holder to the store to try. I find that the bobbins might also not fit onto the Imperial bobbin rewind post, as the bobbin hole is too big. What I do is to cut a strip of paper and use this as a wedge in between the bobbin and the bobbin winder post. This way the bobbin will be tight to the post and wind properly.

    Happy sewing, Don ]

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