Content Scraper: Research, Ban does not resolve as a host name, and as they scraped me I will track them down. They are pretty tricky. One of their tactics is that they use the host name “localhost”, which looks odd in the access log. Tech staff cannot find the actual IP address.

As I work with these IP ranges it is clear that this content scraper is doing a real detriment to Viet Nam. The use of his IPs would force me to pretty much ban the whole country. As an emerging country this would be very bad for Viet Nam, all for the greed and selfishness of a single bot maker. I know that there are no morals with stealing content, as with thieves, but at this stage of Viet Nam’s development this bot maker could easily damage the country.

This spammer hardly repeats his third octet, meaning I would ban at the second octet. This is a huge IP range for such a small but populous country.

Observation: 2016-oct-08 2017-feb-17 2016-oct-22 2016-dec-08 2016-nov-25 2017-feb-18 2016-oct-15 2017-feb-02 2016-Sept-14 2016-dec-20 2016-oct-21 2016-sept-25 2017-mar-10 2016-dec-17 2016-nov-04 2016-oct-23 2016-nov-27 2016-oct-30 2017-feb-18 2016-nov-17 2016-dec-26 p 2016-sept-13 2017-feb-02 2016-oct-12 2016-sept-28 2016-dec-28 2017-jan-31 217-mar-01 2017-jan-16 2017-mar-01 2017-feb-18 2016-dec-09 2016-sept-13 2016-sept-28 2016-dec-21 2017-feb-07 2016-dec-24 2016-oct-22 2017-feb-07 2016-oct-14 2016-nov-03 2017-jan-14 2016-oct-08 post spam 2017-feb-14 2016-nov-27 2016-dec-28 2016-sept-24 2016-sept-19 2017-jan-28 2016-oct-01 2016-oct-22 2016-oct-30 2016-nov-23 2017-feb-27 2017-jan-05 2017-jan-02 2016-oct-12 2016-nov-27 2017-feb-15 2017-apr-04 2017-jan-07 2017-feb-12

There is the related that I did not specifically research. 2017-mar-06 – VietNam Post 2017-mar-06 – Hanoi Post

Research: – VietNam Data – VietNam Post – VietNam Data – VietNam Data – VietNam Data – VietNam Data – VietNam Post – VietNam Post – VietNam Post – VietNam Post – VietNam Post – VietNam Post – VietNam Post – VietNam Post – VietNam Post – VietNam Post – VietNam Post

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