Ubuntu, VPN Gate, and Open VPN

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Find the VPN at http://www.vpngate.net/en/. Filter by OpenVPN only. Look at the transfer rate. Might also see if the IP is responding.

https://www.kabatology.com/05/09/ubuntu-connect-to-vpn-gate-with-openvpn/ Download the OpenVPN file and open it. Cut out the sections between the tags, including the “begin” and “end” certificate. Create a separate directory for each gate. Save as “ca.crt”.

In Ubuntu Edit Connections > Network Connections > add > Open VPN > create. Fill in the form from top to bottom, or the form won’t work. Might want to add the domain name to the label. Choose “password”, vpn, vpn, add the location of the ca.crt file, Save, try.

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