Wei and Wuwei: Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary, Commercial Press, Oxford university Press

These entries are from the “Concise English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary”, 3ed, 2004 from Commercial Press and Oxford University Press, for David

为 (為)Wei4: pp520 (介词, preposition) 1. [indicating the object of one’s act of service]: ~ 人民服务 ~ ren2min2fu2wu4, serve the people, 2. [indicating an objective]: ~ 方便起见 ~ fang1bian4 qi3jian4 for the sake of convenience. see also wei2

为 (為)Wei2: pp517 I (动, verb) 1. do; act: 敢做敢 ~ gan3zuo4gan3 ~ bold in action 2. act as; serve as: 以此 ~ 凭 yi2ci3 ~ ping2 This will serve as proof. 3. become: 变沙漠 ~ 良田 bian4 sha1mo2 ~ liang2tian1 turn the desert into arable land. 4. be; mean: 一公里 ~ 二华里 yi1 gong1li3 ~ er4 hua1li3 One kilometer is equivalent to two li. II (介词, preposition) 1. [used together with 所 suo3 to indicate a passive structure]: ~ 人民所爱戴 ~ ren2min3 suo3 ai4dai4 be loved and respected by the people; enjoy popular support. see also wei4

无 (無)wu2: pp 526 I (名, noun) nothing; nil: 从 ~ 到有 cong2 ~ dao4 you3 start from scratch II (动, verb) not have; there is not; without: ~ 一定计划 ~ yi1ding4 ji4hua4 have no definite plan III (副, adverb) not: ~ 须多谈 ~ xu3duo1tan3 need not go into details

无为 (無為)

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