Zhengzhou, China floods: Netizens vent on Foreign and Chinese Journalists

Tragedy can be heartbreaking, and the Zhengzhou floods in China’s interior Henan province on 2021 Jul 20 is no exception. Within 3 days the area received a year’s worth of rain. This massive rainfall in such a short period of time is a natural disaster. What multiplied this natural disaster were human errors that multiplied the death count. Further, after the disaster and death, to threaten and assault news reporters for reporting on the news is incomprehensible. People need to know what happened so that it does not happen again. Yes, face might be lost in the short-term, but so many people were killed, who did not have the choice to lose face, instead losing their lives. It did not need to be this way.

It rained hard in Henan province. Multiple dams broke their embankments, flooding downstream. Water reservoirs further downstream could not contain the additional water of the rainfall and dams, were about to be breached. Instead water reservoirs let their water flow downstream, flooding out many villages. Why did not these water reservoirs and dams warn people downstream that their lives were now in danger?

All this water, eventually ends up in the 10M people city of Zhengzhou, which sits in a plain. It is here where the water can no longer flow downhill. A 4km/2.5 mile underground transportation tunnel, which was choked with bumper to bumper traffic at 5:00pm was completely flooded within 5 minutes. There would be no way for people to escape their cars and save their lives. Above ground, cars were overturned and flowed downstream, like dead fish after a poisoning. Certainly more than the reported 45 people died in this tragedy. Within this 4km tunnel it is possible that, given the number of cars, more than 7,000 people lost their lives.

The next day the tunnel was closed by police, blocking all access by citizens. The People’s Liberation Army was called in. Four huge buses with blacked out windows were called in, entered and then exited the tunnel. No explanation was given as to their use. All this, and more, are freely available on Youtube, but are now scrubbed from China’s internet.

The tragedy has happened, people have been killed, and mistakes have been made. It is logical to tell the public what happened, to try to understand what went wrong, and to correct the errors. This requires transparency and honesty. This is what a free press will do. This is what foreign and Chinese journalists, independent of the government, corporations or other powerful forces, will report.

Instead, netizens wish to not publish this tragedy and threaten and assault reporters instead? Reporters are not the ones that caused this disaster. Even if you throw out all foreign reporters from China and silence Chinese reporters, this will not bring people back to life. Your face serves no purpose to the dead, and without acknowledging the problem and correcting mistakes, this tragedy can occur again in the future. Does this remind anyone of the CoVid-19 virus that started in China?

It is unsafe for foreign journalists in China, who can be easily identified. It is even more unsafe for Chinese journalists, who cannot leave China and can be tracked down. Journalists did not cause this flood, nor can they be blamed for it. They are the bearer of bad news, which should be welcomed as they provide transparency and truth to the world.

Douyin Video of Zhengzhou flood 2021 Jul 20. All such videos are not scrubbed from the Chinese internet, but are available on Youtube.

Counterpoint: This Zhengzhou tragedy shows weakness in China and should not be published. Yes, mistakes were made but the government will see to it that this will not happen again. China has lost face due to this tragedy. Foreign and Chinese reporters should not print this for the whole world to see, as this is tarnishes the image of China. All news about the Zhengzhou floods will be erased from China and Hong Kong. This will preserve the positive image of China.

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“In the future, when we see reporters with cameras taking pictures of streets and alleys, I would call the police, especially in Xinjiang and other ethnic minority areas,” read one highly upvoted comment. “We should let cops check if they’re qualified for doing interviews. The reporters who lie should not be allowed in at all.”

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