A Marked Reset of the Human Condition, to a Much Lower Level

In an act of cowardes the West is allowing Ukrainians to die at the hands of Russia. There are protests and finger pointing by the West, and there are sanctions against Russia, but this has not stopped Putin’s punishment and killing of innocent Ukrainians. I had thought that such worldwide organizations such as the UN would be able to prevent such war atrocities, but this has not happened. It has been a long time since WW2, and we, as a species, seemed to have not learned very much.

We have recently seen war atrocities in Afghanistan, Syria and Chechnya. These seemed remote and very small. The world did not seem to come together to either prevent nor prosecute war criminals. Certainly for the victims any help came too late.

Maybe I am watching too many scifi movies, where the Federation of Planets gets together and works out a plan to save a planet from annihilation. On a smaller scale, can we not do the same on earth? There seems to be so much talk and hand wringing, but no real action to protect those that cannot protect themselves. Is there anything more important? The Ukrainian war proves that the UN is dysfunctional and does not work. Two countries, Russia, the invading country, and China, its supporting role, block resolutions. In one fell swoop there is complete inaction.

If on important matters such as the right to live, we cannot agree and enforce a minimum level of life, then everything else on top is, really, not worth talking about. What is the point of talking about climate change when Ukrainians are being scorch earthed? Trade with China and Russia merely fill their government coffers so that they can carry on with more atrocities.

The West has been delusional with China and Russia, who have a completely different value system. They both promise and then break their word without any moral issues. This is now the bottom line of understanding between countries. The faster we realize this the better it will be. Let’s be honest with each other, because honesty will set you free.

To its great shame, the West has failed to draw a line on Russia’s invasion

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