I’m a pretty private person, more a lurker than a blogger, so don’t expect much personal information on this site. you will see common themes throughout my work, this site and my personality. Here are a couple:

  • Simple is better
  • Figure out what you need, and find a product that satisfies this minimal requirement for a reasonable price. If you can get more of what you don’t need or want for the same price, then fine, but don’t pay for what you you don’t want, irregardless of the price.
  • Honesty is paramount. If someone says they can do something and then does something else, move on, and don’t look back
  • There’s always a better way to do something. You’re smart, you’ll figure it out. Whomever comes up with the better way should get the recognition, no matter race, creed, colour.
  • Buy in mainstream retail as a last resort, but look to alternative sources as well. Better products are available used than can be purchased new. Fix them up and you can have a unique product of far superior quality. New products are often shoddily made, break easily and disappoint. Do you really need it? Reduce, Reuse, recycle
  • Keep an open mind in all issues of life. Be receptive to change. Put yourself in unfamiliar terrain for this is how you grow.

Enough grandstanding. Life’s too short.

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  1. Mary Chatziadamos

    Hello, I was given a Imperial sewing machine (with table and chair) unfortunately I have not had the time or patience to sew. The instruction booklets that came with it indicate that it is the Super Deluxe model # 895. I have th original English instruction booklet as well as the French instruction booklet. I was wondering, is this something I should hold on to, sell or simply send it to the dumpster. I have pictures the sais sewing machine and would gladly share them.
    Thank you,

    [Don: Hi Mary. These imperial sewing machines are quite solid and will last for generations. Many were made by the Japanese in the ’60s, so they are not worth much. Here in Toronto you may fetch $50-80CAD. For what you would get selling it I would keep it.

    If you have the chance I would like a copy of your Model 895 user manual. I would make it available for free download on my site for anyone else that has a model 895.

    Do you have a photo you could send me? Does the machine work? I do hope you learn to sew. It is a skill that is very handy.

    Happy sewing, Don]

  2. Kim Lightfoot

    I bought an Imperial 562 with sewing cabinet and user manual. It runs, but has no accessories, like spare needles, or bobbins, feet etc. I do not know what type, and or sizes of needles to buy for a vintage machine, nor do I know where to locate any. I also do not know what machine oil to use, as it just specifies, machine oil lol. Do you know of the feet, and needles, and machine oil, where can I buy them? Can I use Singer’s parts interchangeably?

  3. Stacey

    Hi, I found your site while looking for help with my Imperial model 835. I have the manual and I can take some pictures, to contribute to your cache . How do I get them to you? I don’t see an e-mail link on the site, an upload button or a registration place to login, so I assume this comment is how I initiate contact?

    I can scan the user guide and produce a PDF, as well as supply JPG pics of the portable machine.


  4. Sheena Neil

    Wow. I have the exact same sewing machine as your Imperial, except mine is branded “Beacon”.

    I have searched and searched over the years and couldn’t even find google images, until now.

    I am the third generation to own this machine. Last week I gave it some long overdue TLC. I was surprised to see how well the inside is designed. The parts don’t show any wear at all, despite 50+ years of usage.

    I would love to see a manual, as everything I know about it has been through trial and error.

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