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Canadian Election: Deputy Returning Officer DRO Tips

Canada Election 2021 DRO kit, ballot box, ballots, lots of papers. Photo by Don Tai

Canada Election 2021 DRO kit, ballot box, ballots, lots of papers. Photo by Don Tai

In Canada’s elections, there are hundreds of polling locations. Each polling location must have one or more polls, where a Canadian citizen over the age of 18 will receive a ballot, mark their chosen political candidate on the ballot, and finally drop the ballot into the ballot box. At the end of the night after polls close, the ballots in the ballot box are counted. Results for each candidate are then phoned into the local polling office. Results are then tallied up to larger and larger geographic levels.

Minimal Consumerism: A Possible Solution, but Could it Work?

Buy when you need something, but only what you need. Buy better quality products that can be repaired and last a long time. Eschew throw away consumerism. Repurpose products when these products are no longer needed. With these rules, people will buy less but better, putting much less pressure on Mother Earth. It is a possible solution to reducing the effects of climate change.

Trigger, Willie Nelson’s Martin Guitar

Willie Nelson's Martin guitar, Trigger

Willie Nelson’s Martin guitar, Trigger

I do love this story, of a guitar that is so special, that has stood the test of time through maintenance and a bit of luck. Willie Nelson is not gentle with this guitar, Trigger. A testament to quality build.

It has been beaten up, but also maintained, and used to full capacity. The new sound hole might even enhance its sound. What more can a player ask from an instrument? This really goes against the glitz and glamour of the shiny new toys that you can buy off the shelf and throw away once you’re tired of it.

Moen 7400 Series Faucet: Overall Excellent Quality

Moen 7400 Series Kitchen faucet, Bought around year 2000, I don't even recall, but with free parts, it continues to work very well. Photo by Don Tai

Moen 7400 Series Kitchen faucet, Bought around year 2000, I don’t even recall, but with free parts, it continues to work very well. Photo by Don Tai

Some objects in life you just use every day and take them for granted. They just work, day in and day out, until something goes wrong and then you really notice them. Our Moen 7400 series kitchen faucet is one of our house appliances that just seems to last and last. When I think that, yes, it is time to replace it, I call Moen for free parts, they ship them to me, I install them and the faucet goes right back to working just as the day I bought and installed it. Smooth, problem free, drip free, to again fade into the background. Often times I use the kitchen faucet while thinking of something else and really don’t pay attention.

The Ingenuity of Virus Transmission

Viruses have been with mankind before there was mankind. I don’t even know if we can determine when they were created. As with all things that persist for a very long time, they have grown and adapted in surprising ways in order to stay alive and flourish. Our newest, and certainly not the last, virus is CoVid-19, which has thrown the world into a pandemic. This virus, and other corona viruses, may not have a brain, but are extremely smart in knowing how to use our human behaviours in order to proliferate. We do need to give credit where credit is due: These viruses are remarkably efficient.

Underlying Causes of Climate Change and Why Solutions are Difficult

As the world grapples with unexpected “100 year” weather events that seem to be more and more common, we need to acknowledge that climate change is real and needs urgent attention. Scientists are tracking unprecedented glacial melt that cannot be explained any other way. The damage to habitat and human existence is obvious to those experiencing it. But how do we repair and stabilize our planet?

I watched Bill Gates on the “60 minutes” TV series talk about investing in tech solutions, necessary to reverse climate change. I kept wondering how a tech solution can reverse our deep human mistakes, ones that we continue to make. I do not think it can.

Two Different Country Viewpoints on Dealing with CoVid-19: Strict Lockdown or Economic Balance

The 2019 CoVid-19 pandemic has not ended, and may not end for many a month, even years. While it is difficult look to the past for guidance and then to look forward with any certainty, we still need to try. There are two country strategies that I see in the world: 1) All-out zero tolerance containment, and 2) balance between public health and country economy. It is with certainty that the pandemic has decimated world economies. The question is what strategy is best suited to get out of this pandemic.

Wu-Tang Clan, Wuhan Logo, then Screams of Unfairness from China

Wu Tang Clan logo hijacked with Wuhan, used by the Canadian Embassy, who called themselves the Wuhan Clan. Clever, and witty.

Wu Tang Clan logo hijacked with Wuhan, used by the Canadian Embassy, who called themselves the Wuhan Clan. Clever, and witty.

The Wu Tang Clan is a 1990s New York rap group. I’m not too familiar with them because I don’t listen to rap much. What does this have to do with China then? It seems that the Canadian Embassy in China called themselves the Wuhan Clan, a funny pun on the rap group, and used the Wu-Tang group’s logo, replacing Wu-Tang with Wuhan. This, by the way, was almost a year ago, when the Canadian Embassy was repatriating Canadians back to Canada.

Lowering Blood Pressure: HIIT or Moderate Cardio

Any exercise is better than no exercise. That said, for cardio exercise there are nuances that can affect you. HIIT is quick and stressing, and moderate cardio is slow and time consuming but gentle. Are the results the same for both?

High intensity interval training HIIT requires you to go all out in your cardio workout, but for extremely short periods of time, such as one minute. You then rest for a couple of minutes and repeat. A couple of cycles of this, and three times a week, and you’re done. You may not even do cardio for an hour per week, cumulatively. Maybe you do this for only 15 minutes a week.

Doughnut Economics: A Different Way of Thinking about Living

It seems almost quaint: Live so you are comfortable but still not deplete the world’s resources. This is called doughnut economics. The third world should strive to bring up their standard of living, but the first world should not live beyond their means and deplete the world’s resources. Huh?

Amsterdam Doughnut Economics

Amsterdam Doughnut Economics

It seems pretty reasonable, really. China, India and other poorer countries strive to economically improve and pull people out of poverty. That can only be a good thing. But then you have the first world countries consuming way beyond their means, because they are rich and because they can. As China and India improve, why should they not also consume beyond the earth’s means as well? The reason is that the world will then be depleted and we, as a species, will all suffer.