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Acer Aspire V3-571G Dual Boot Win 7 and Kubuntu: Difficult Linux Network Config

My Aunty has an Acer Aspire V3-571G-6602 laptop that originally had Windows 7 Home on it. Then Microsoft decided she should upgrade to Windows 10, all without asking her. Her machine was slow on the reboot and looked locked up. The auto upgrade to Windows 10 and the subsequent auto upgrades persuaded her that this was not kosher, but simply wrong. I lent her an older Lubuntu system, 12 years old, while I deciphered her predicament, and she started to really like the simplicity and speed of Ubuntu. Really, she only uses a browser.

Ubuntu 16.04 install WebScarab

Here I am with some idle time, found a hacking article on G&M, which led me to some pretty scary hacking tools (malware creation tools) which led me to nikto which led me to WebScarab. Yes, confusing, but I am trying to stay White Hat.

That said, I could not find much on how to install WebScarab. It is older, with no clear install instructions, other than here’s the zip file, install it. WebScarab is written in java, so you can run it from Terminal. I could not figure out how to put it into a launcher.

Ubuntu 16.4 Upgrade: Small Issues

I have upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. There have been very few issues for what is essentially an engine swapout.

Wireless Lan not recognizing Old Connections

On my home wifi I hide the SSID. After the upgrade these connections do not seem to work. Or rather they worked for a while and then seemed to slowly stop working.

When I edit my hidden network connections, the old connections are there but the connect button is greyed out. I thought I had to go to my router, broadcast my SSID, get a connection, then re-hide my SSID. This did not work. It turns out there is a bug for hidden networks.