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Sears Kenmore 30″ Gas Stove: Review

Kenmore®/MD 30'' Freestanding Self-Clean Gas Range in White, from Sears. It works very well.

Kenmore®/MD 30” Freestanding Self-Clean Gas Range in White, from Sears. It works very well.

Wwe made the plunge into natural gas and bought a white Kenmore 30″ freestanding self-clean gas stove from Sears. Sears has some crazy numbering scheme so the stove is Item #: 223 674 132 10 as well as 790-74132. We had it delivered, and I had to get an outside contractor to install it. Before I bought it I found very few reviews of these stoves. After 3 months of use here is my review, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ice Storm Toronto, Dec 22 2013: Reflections

Saw it coming, I did, through my incessant weather forecast watching here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Warned, we were, by the sages of climate. Still we really did not know the gravity of the situation, nor that we were to lose power for 18 hours. As we are always prepared, this matters little, because we know where everything necessary is located and we have done this before. It is worthwhile reflecting on what worked and what needs improvement, so that the next one, an inevitable event, really, will be that much more fulfilling.

DIY Cake Icing

Off the bucket list is cake decorating with the Little Weeds. It had to be done and today it was. Cake decorating is pretty difficult, and so unlike Cake Boss, where everything comes out perfect the first time. From a bag of confectioner’s sugar, and some egg white came a nice creamy paste, which was then coloured with food colouring. Overall the flavour of home made icing is far better than the commercial icing we used to buy in plastic containers. It is not as sweet. The Little Weeds liked it, but their standards are quite low to begin with. On this cake we tried blue, red, green, yellow and purple colours, because we have never done this before. While the results were closer to abstract art than Cake Boss, it was sufficient to take it off my bucket list.